FREE NHL Picks: December 18, 2017

Alright, sorry to disappoint but I am currently traveling for school right now and do not have the time to write full fledge pick articles. But they will be back Tuesday up and running at full speed and for now, just today I will just give the matchup, records, and my pick! Sorry for the lack of content, will be ramping it up soon!

Columbus Blue Jackets(20-12-1) vs Boston Bruins(15-10-5): Bruins at home, coming off a tough loss to the Rangers recently. Need a win here. 

Anaheim Ducks(14-11-8) vs New Jersey Devils(18-9-5): A healthy lineup, fresh start to the week for Anaheim’s Metro road trip, I like Anaheim get a win early in the road trip. (Dallas did it last week) 

Los Angeles Kings(20-10-4) vs Philadelphia Flyers(14-11-7): Flyers, five-game win streak, at home, makes sense. 

Pittsburgh Penguins(17-14-3) vs Colorado Avalanche(15-15-2): Penguins

San Jose Sharks(17-10-4) vs Edmonton Oilers(14-17-4): Oilers need to get things going in the right direction, a fresh week and win streak is needed if this team wants to be even a thought for the playoffs before the All-Star break comes. Going Edmonton. 


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