NFL: Steelers TE Jesse James late touchdown catch a TD or not?

What has happened!!?? This is not good! This will cause controversy among the NFL for weeks after Sunday night. And of course it had to come against the New England Patriots so the “NFL loves Tom Brady” claims will continue for many more moons now. For those that live under a rock or have taken a leave of absence from the NFL. With just over a minute left in the game, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski drove down the field to lead the Patriots to the go-ahead touchdown, making it 27-24, New England. With just 40 seconds to play, Ben Roethlisberger threw a simple 10-yard pass that turned into a 70-yard play by JuJu Schuster putting the Steelers on the 15-yard line, the next play Big Ben found Jesse James over the middle what looked to be a touchdown and game-winner for the Steelers.

NOT so fast though, as the officials reviewed it for several minutes, they came to the conclusion that the ball was not secure on the way down and it was not caught which means no touchdown. Furthermore, with just 14 seconds to play, Big Ben rushed a play, faked a spike and attempted to throw over the middle to a triple covered receiver, which got tipped and intercepted, leading to a New England win and their divisional win and a first-round bye. This is general was a bad call by Big Ben as he probably should have spiked it, went for the field goal or maybe just threw it away. The worst part about this too, after the game Big Ben did not even own up to it that it was all him who decided the call.

Now, the reason this is going to cause so much turmoil is simply because 

  1. It was the New England Patriots who benefited from the call 
  2. Tom Brady plays for the Patriots and not many fans like Tom Brady
  3. The call was borderline blasphemy and really is a head scratcher

Personally, I was at a loss for words, but when the Steelers scored I was like holy cow, they just did it. Immediately following that the officials started reviewing it and there was no doubt in my mind it was getting overturned and called no touchdown. Now, when the called got overturned I was legitimately at a loss for words. Simply because the referee never really explained why it was no catch and everything just happened so quickly after that, I thought it was a joke.

The NFL really should have had someone explaining why it would or would not be a catch while the referees were reviewing it and after the game, there should have been a full-on explanation of why it was no catch. This is a missed one by the NFL I think and something they cannot let happen so often, as they have in the past.

Now let’s sit and watch Twitter do its magic. I feel bad for the person(s) who handle the NFL Twitter account. They will be getting a ton of alerts from angry NFL fans.



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