NHL: It’s a Christmas Miracle, the New York Islanders are heading back to Long Island!

The New York Islanders currently play out of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.  But before that, the deeply rooted New York Islanders and their fans knew home as the Nassau Coliseum. The famous Nassau Coliseum where fans of the 70’s watched the Islanders win three straight Stanely Cups, a place that has been apart of Long Island culture for years now. All that was taken away from Islander fans, just two years ago as the team was voted out of Nassau Coliseum, and longing for a new home they landed in Brooklyn, NY. No fan or player was happy about this move, the dreaded train ride into Brooklyn, the awful arena that did not accommodate hockey, the obscure viewing seats, the constant bickering from players. It was simple as this, the Islanders and their fans were not happy about being moved to Brooklyn.

New York IslandersTo make matters even worse, the Islanders star player has openly come out and said the Barclays is not his favorite place to be, and as John Tavares contract talks continue to go on coming into this season, he was said to possibly consider leaving for a few reasons and one of them being the Barclays center. Other former Islander players like Kyle Okposo and Tomas Vanek, came out and said that when they heard the Islanders were moving to the Barclays center they were even more convinced to not sign back. It has nothing to do with the team, but Nassau Coliseum had a different atmosphere to it, the small arena, all seats close to center ice, the history and memories that have occurred made that arena so special. To top it all, it was located on Long Island, New York, where the majority of Islanders fan reside, and that 10, 20, 30-minute drive to the Coliseum on Tuesday night was sure as hell worth more than a lousy train ride into Brooklyn to Islander fans.

As Islander fans have been praying and hoping for, the move out of Barclays center, back onto the Island, has officially come true. Originally it was all Islander fans and players dream to move to Nassau Coliseum but, the recent news that the Islanders have won the bid to have an 18,000 seat stadium built in Belmont Park, leaves Islander fans in awe and filled with joy. I guess you can say, a true Christmas miracle for Islander players and fans.

This is major news for the Islanders organization, we can now expect ticket sales to increase, revenue to increase, John Tavares is a shoe-in to stay, they return back to Long Island and don’t have to worry about possibly heading to Seattle in 2020.

It was apparent the Islanders organization was not happy being in Brooklyn, and after surfacing Twitter, it seems Brooklyn’s borough president was not too happy with the Islanders decision as he tweeted

“There’s only one Brooklyn team for Barclays center and that’s the Brooklyn Nets. We wish the NY Islanders well on their journey to Belmont and they should consider Nassau Coliseum in the interim period” via Eric Adams Twitter @BPEricAdams

Yikes, Adams, there was definitely no need for that but the joke is on him. Because until the Belmont arena is open the Islanders will be playing at the Barclays center still and as much as he wants to think the Barclays Center only team is the Nets, I’m afraid, the 11th place 11-18 Nets probably do not bring as much excitement to the Barclays Center as the Islanders do. As a whole both teams fail miserably in attendance for the past two years, both of them rank in the bottom five, but the difference is that the Islanders are more successful than the Nets. Anyways, while the Islanders will reside at the Barclays center until Belmont is ready, they have also opened the conversation to play more games at Nassau Coliseum in the near future.

Buckle up, Islander fans, you are moving out of Brooklyn, back on Long Island and will see more games at the Coliseum!


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