Drafting Sleepers Q&A; Tyler Johnson, Erik Karlsson, Shea Weber injury

I will be adding a video/audio part to this as well, but as the week winds down, I’ll answer the questions proposed by the followers at Drafting Sleepers. For those that have not checked out the site, it is a great site for all fantasy sports followers. They have a Q&A board for all fantasy sports, and it is actively followed by the users. Basically any question you have just post it here and it will get answered within minutes.

Question 1: Chelsea Briggs asked “DYT Tyler Johnson is a “sell high” candidate or a “hold” if you think he can maintain this type of play?” 

Answer: To be honest, I’m not sure why Johnson was even slotted on the third/fourth line to start the season. I guess it was a way to allow Yonni Gourde show what he was made of but, Johnson is there to stay on the second line and I think he provides great fantasy value. Playing alongside Point and Palat has been great for Johnson, that line is not the most physical but they are a gritty line that produces. Johnson is a “hold” player for me right now but if you think you can stretch this guy and get more for him than do it, he will be on the second line and power play unit rest of the season. Depends on your roster and everything but Johnson definitely could be a “hold” player.

Question 2: Ryan Shumber asked “Overall opinion on Danton Heinen?” 

Answer: Ride him until he starts to fall off, the Bruins are hot right now and Heinen has been seeing anywhere from 15 minutes to 19 minutes a game, so the TOI is there, and over the last two weeks he has 3 goals, 5 assists. He reminds me a bit of Adrian Kempe, a player that broke out for a week or two then slowed down. Hold him until his production declines, really no risk to holding him either.

Question 3: Tanner asked, “Buy low on Karlsson??”

Answer: I don’t know if you’ll be able to buy low on Karlsson, I mean it is his name that holds the value. I can assume many owners are going to ask for a good chunk in return for Karlsson. Unless you see this guy and the Senators breaking out, just stay away from him as a whole. Yes, he is amazing, but the Senators look terrible and it is affecting Karlsson’s game. If you can buy low on Karlsson than go for it, but I doubt many owners are just going to let this guy walk for nothing.

Question 4: Kyle Griffin asked, “How concerned are we about the Weber injury?”

Answer: Honestly, I’d be a little considered, as he has now missed 9 games and was sent home back to Montreal because the rehab on his ankle did not go as expected. Anytime a players rehab assignment does not go as expected it definitely raises some signs of concern. Plus he is a top defenseman in the league and playing with a hurt ankle is not something he probably wants to do. An ankle is not something to be messed with as most players rely a lot on their ankle mobility to play. I’d be concerned about this injury if we do not hear anything after this short 3-day break.


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