NHL Power Rankings; Dec. 11- Dec. 24, Lightning, Vegas, Devils lead the way

          November 27-December 11 NHL Power Rankings(OLD)    

  1.                                       St. Louis Blues (6-3-1) (+1)                                                   
  2. Tampa Bay Lightning (6-4-0) (-1) 
  3. Nashville Predators (7-1-2) (+1) 
  4. Winnipeg Jets (5-3-2) (-1) 
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets (7-3-0) (new) 
  6. Los Angeles Kings (8-1-1) (new)
  7. Toronto Maple Leafs (6-3-1) (+2) 
  8. Vegas Golden Knights (7-3-0) (even)
  9.  Washinton Capitals (8-2-0) (+1)
  10. New York Islanders (5-4-1) (-3)

December 11-December 24 NHL Power Rankings (NEW)

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning (9-1-0) (+1) 
  2. Vegas Golden Knights (8-1-1) (+6) 
  3. Nashville Predators (6-2-2) (Even) 
  4. Washington Capitals (7-2-1) (+6) 
  5. New Jersey Devils (6-3-1) (New) 
  6. Los Angeles Kings (6-3-1) (Even)
  7. St. Louis Blues (5-5-0) (-5) 
  8. Columbus Blue Jackets (5-4-1) (-2) 
  9. Toronto Maple Leafs (5-5-0) (-2) 
  10. Boston Bruins (7-2-1) (New) 

The first one as you can tell is the third edition of NHL power rankings and the one right above the text is the newest most updated version. Now, as you can tell, Winnipeg is not on this list, with good reasoning. This list is based on the team’s performance since December 11th, and from December 11th on, Winnipeg has not looked like they deserve a top 10 spot in the power rankings this time around. As for their last ten, they are 3-5-2. A small bump in the road, but we must acknowledge that they have struggled.

While the top five teams on this list have been consistently winning, and have proven to be a top-five team on this list. The Lightning are going to be within the top five, possibly top three all season so get used to that. Vegas continues to impress, and with their recent win over Washington and last ten games, I had to give them some credit. We will honestly see Vegas within the top ten all season. The Predators are a very solid team right now, that loss to Carolina the other night was a rough one and a fluke, and a loss to Dallas Saturday night in a shootout is a tough one other than that, there’s no reason this team should not be in the top three. Getting Ryan Ellis back in a week or two is astronomical for this already proven d-core.

Washington and New Jersey continue to swap that number one spot in the Metropolitan division, but let’s remember that division is extremely close and no spot is a given right now. These two teams have prevailed against some solid teams and consistently continue to win. The Kings played solid hockey over the past week or so, and nothing gives them a boost or lowers them, they continue to be a top team in the West, and with Jonathan Quick at his best, we will see this team in the top ten all year.

Blues have fallen tremendously, since the injury to Jaden Schwartz they have struggled a great deal. Nothing to be worried about but, with a .500 record over the last ten, they have to get demoted. Columbus and Toronto have not played exceptional hockey, but they win games they need to, not many teams can really be on this list over them. I think one of these teams eventually fall out the top ten.

Finally, Boston has looked unbelievable. A healthy line up from the back end down has really worked wonders for them. Plus when Tuukka Rask plays this way, it gives the rest of the team a major confidence booster, the Bruins have seen depth scoring, production from rookies/young guys, veterans producing, everything needed to make them a top ten team on this list. I think we possibly see Boston jump Toronto for that two spot in the Atlantic soon.







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