NHL Picks: December 27, 2017

Ok, sorry people, no joke I thought the NHL started up again tomorrow. Totally was unprepared for this, short notice. So I promise to go through every pick and give you my choice. No long explanation just my pick, simple and short.

Washington Capitals(22-13-2) vs New York Rangers(19-13-4): Rangers, they have dropped two straight and for them to stay relevant they need to get back in the win column. A big rival vs Washington they always come to play. Nice three-day rest will help some struggling players for the Rangers.

Ottawa Senators(11-15-8) vs Boston Bruins(19-10-5): BOSTON. Ottawa stinks, I am fully convinced this team may actually be a bottom of the pack team for the rest of the year. They just cannot seem to find a way to play consistent or score goals.

Detroit Red Wings(13-15-7) vs New Jersey Devils(21-9-5): Going New Jersey, the good team at home, Detroit is a competitive team, but the Devils have been finding ways to win and they’ll be fine tonight.

Buffalo Sabres(9-20-7) vs New York Islanders(19-13-4): Going Islanders for sure. At home, easy choice.

Columbus Blue Jackets(22-13-2)  vs Pittsburgh Penguins(18-16-3): Columbus recent injuries, Pittsburgh recent struggles. Both teams are coming into this game behind the 8-ball, I think Pittsburgh needs to come away with this one or else they are in trouble. Going Penguins.

Montreal Canadiens(16-16-4) vs Carolina Hurricanes(16-12-7): Hurricanes, four games above .500, what! I like the Hurricanes although home-ice means nothing for them, I’m going Hurricanes.

Nashville Predators(21-9-5) vs St. Louis Blues(23-13-2): Maybe the three-day rest gave St. Louis some time regroup recent, refocus and I think a big game is coming from Jake Allen. Going St. Louis tonight.

Dallas Stars(20-14-3) vs Minnesota Wild(18-15-3): The Wild have for sure struggled without Devan Dubynk and the Stars have been playing much better as of late. Good offensive depth and strong goaltending, going Stars.

Edmonton Oilers(17-17-2) vs Winnipeg Jets(20-11-6): Hopefully the break gave the Jets a much-needed rest and time away, they have struggled as of late and face a hot Edmonton team that has battled back after a bad start. A win is in store for the Jets though they need to get back in the win column and get the legs going in the right direction. Going Jets.

Arizona Coyotes(8-25-5) vs Colorado Avalanche(17-15-3): A game probably no one cares about but it is still a hockey game. Going, Colorado.

Vegas Golden Knights(23-9-2) vs Anaheim Ducks(16-13-8): This is a tough one, Vegas has been so surprising and solid all year thus far it is hard to write them off. They struggle a bit on the road, but I don’t think that happens tonight. A close game for sure. But I’m going Vegas.




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