FREE NHL Picks: January 2, 2018

Tampa Bay Lightning(28-8-2) vs Toronto Maple Leafs(23-15-2): As the first day the NHL comes back, these teams should be completely recharged and fresh. The Lightning has no major injuries as well as Toronto. A nice divisional game, as the Leafs sit in the three spot and Lightning sit comfortably in the one spot, these two know each other quite well, and this is the first of four meetings between the two. The Leafs have been struggling in their last ten and have been a bit inconsistent, to say the least. In their last ten they are 4-5-1 and allowed the Bruins to jump them in the standings currently tied at 48 points but Boston has three games in hand. Lightning continues to impress and stay atop the league, a difficult choice though as Toronto is home and win 60 percent of their games at home, but Tampa Bay away record is almost identical to Toronto’s home record. Tonight I am going Tampa Bay.

Boston Bruins(21-10-6) vs New York Islanders(20-15-4): The Bruins have been on a roll as of late winning 7 of their last ten and earning a point in 9 of their last ten games. Tuukka Rask was just rewarded an NHL star of the week and has been the backbone to this teams success. While the opposite has come from the Islanders goaltending as they have struggled mightily. A balanced matchup with two strong offenses, but the Bruins edge out the Islanders on the back end between goaltending and defensive success. Tonight I am going Bruins.

Pittsburgh Penguins(19-18-3) vs Philadelphia Flyers(16-14-8): Whenever these two are slotted to play each other whatever has happened in the past and at the current moment. Means nothing, these two always come to compete against each other no matter what. Both of these teams have been very inconsistent this year and have faced their own struggles in every aspect of the ice. The Penguins need to get back to their winning ways and a game like this is exactly what this team wants and a win here is a big confidence booster. Tonight I am going Penguins.

New Jersey Devils(22-10-6) vs St. Louis Blues(24-15-2): Tonight is a big game for St. Louis they have struggled a lot since their recent injuries, and a game against one of the top teams in the NHL is something they need to get their feet under them and some confidence back in their game. The Devils have reached a new level, and are officially considered a top team in the NHL. They have a lot more hockey to play and a lot more questions to answer but right now they look to be a top team in the NHL. The Blues were once considered a Stanley Cup favorite but things have gone south and they look terrible, but tonight a win is in store and they need this win! Going Blues tonight.

Los Angeles Kings(23-11-5) vs Edmonton Oilers(17-19-3): A great NBCSN game and we all get to watch Connor McDavid on national television. The Oilers definitely started taking strides in the right direction only now two games below .500 and a playoff spot is not completely out of the question. They have the tools to be a great team and when Talbot is on, the Oilers are a legitimate team. The Kings though are solid up and down the lineup right now and with four very solid defensemen and Jonathan Quick on his game, the Kings are tough to beat. As they currently sit atop the Western Conference and the NHL. Two teams that know each other and this will be the first of four meetings. Tonight
Edmonton at home, national tv game, go Oilers.


Other games on tonight…

Capitals vs Hurricanes: Capitals 

Sharks vs Canadiens: Sharks

Panthers vs Wild: Wild 

Blue Jackets vs Stars: Stars 

Jets vs Avalanche: Jets

Ducks vs Canucks: Ducks 

Predators vs Golden Knights: Predators 


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