NHL: Vegas, Devils success, Oilers, Ottawa struggles

It seems as if these four teams have caused a lot of conversation in the NHL. Especially the Golden Knights and Devils for their success but the Oilers and Senators have struggled immensely, something we did not see coming.

Oilers playoff hopes…?

The Oilers went from a playoff team last year to a team that is seemingly going to be looking in come April. They have faced their fair share of struggles this year, started off the year on the wrong side of things, eventually started to win games(because Cam Talbot was playing better), but again they have been streaky and inconsistent. With how that division looks and the wild card is shaping out to be, the Oilers are going to have a tough time, making a push for a wild-card spot. Right now they are seven points away from a top three division spot and also seven points out a wild card spot. For the Oilers to win they would need the Ducks or Stars to lose three to four straight and they would need to win four straight, along with the Flames, Blackhawks, and Wild losing a majority of their games over the next few months. These scenarios do not seem realistic and it won’t happen. The Oilers are going to miss the playoffs this season and what is going to stink is that they just signed Leon Drastali and Connor McDavid to big contracts so they face some criticized for that. But the good thing is that they won’t need to pay Oscar Klefbom a large amount of money, but they will also need to decide what they are going to do with Talbot as he closes in on his 30th birthday soon.

Senators look to the 2018-19 season… 

The Senators, look absolutely terrible. I believe they have won 3 of their last 17 games or some ridiculous statistic like that, anyhow, the Senator is a major head-scratcher because they go out and get Matt Duchene as a means to increase some scoring, center depth and shake things up. Well none of that happens, Duchene has been terrible, the Senators have been terrible and they definitely did not get much scoring help. Well, now the Senators sit in the basement of the NHL after a successful postseason and the question of what their future looks like starts to begin. They are looking to shop Brassard and basically anyone not named Erik Karlsson and Mark Stone. The Senators need to face some major questions this offseason as Erik Karlsson’s contract is almost up and they obviously need to shake something up as this season has been a bust. It’s either they start panicking and making moves or take this season to just lose out get a good draft pick and look forward to next year. The last thing does Matt Duchene just bring a losing touch to teams, sounds bizarre, definitely a hot take but Duchene goes from losing with the Avalanche and being a basement team with them to the same thing with the Senators.

Vegas make playoffs for 2017-18 season…?

Vegas, by God the amount of success this team is seeing makes me think this is all fake and I’m dreaming. How could they be currently on a 12 game point streak and have won 11 of their last 12 games? They currently sit four points behind the Lightning for the best record in the NHL and are looking to be a legitimate playoff team. I’m not even sure where to begin with this teams success because it all makes no sense. William Karlsson has 33 points the Golden Knights, in general, have seven players with 21 or more points thus far. James Neal is on pace for 30 goals, Jonathan Marchessault is on pace for his best season yet. This all confuses me and leaves me nothing to say. But I think the major reason Vegas has been so successful is that they have a very solid d-core and a defensive core that is sturdy and a team can rely on, can take a bad team to a good team in no time. The Golden Knights success starts from their strong defense and solid goaltending and everything comes from there. I think Vegas makes the playoffs, win a round but gets knocked out in the second round.

Devils able to continue this play for a playoff spot? 

The Devils are having one of their best seasons in about five or some odd years, they are seeing production from all four lines, Corey Schneider is playing much better and their defense is playing at a higher level to give the Devils a chance to win each game. The Devils playoff chances are not as safe as the Golden Knights though, yes they have a great chance but the Metropolitan is close right now and the Devils are only three points from a wild-card spot and six from falling out a playoff spot. I think the Devils continue this success and battle all year and end up catching a wild card spot, so what does that mean what team misses the playoffs, honestly major hot take but I think Pittsburgh and Columbus miss out and, now everyone can call me crazy. Just watch though.


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