Max Pacioretty done in Montreal?

While the Canadiens started out the seasons struggling to win games, Carey Price played poorly, their offense was non-existent and they were seemingly written off for the rest of the season at that point. Well fast forward a couple of months and they still are not looking to be a playoff team, Shea Weber is out and Jonathan Drouin has not lived up to expectations. While Montreal has made their fair share of questionable trades over the last two years, another speculation has hit the market and yes now it is their “C” and only forward on the team who has scored 30 goals for consecutive seasons as well as being a top goal scorer in the league. Max Pacioretty. Yes, “Pac” name has reportedly been kicked out for a trade, and it seems as if he is completely ok with it.

As he was reported saying “If it happens, it happens. I’m very proud of the past success that I’ve had in Montreal.”

I mean how can you not, you know are never seeing a Cup nor the playoffs consistently, why not try and go to a borderline Stanley Cup team and win there.

Although it is fair to say that Pacioretty has had his fair share of struggles this season, just throwing this guy into the wind seems a bit unethical to me, but obviously, Marc Bergevin does not have a tight moral rope over there. Hey, the guy scores 30 plus goals every season he has played 70 games or more, never says a word when every month he is paired with a new linemate, does not question the organization when they get rid of Subban or Sergachev, and always has consistently produced for several years now. But, hey if you can get a prospect, a few picks and serviceable center/forward, it seems worth it. You’ll save money on a contract, you’ll get rid of another top player on your team, you’ll maybe score two goals per game if that, but the freeing of cap space and prospect you have no idea how they will pan out is totally worth it. It seems Bergevin’s trades in the past have worked out for him and the Canadiens. Shea Weber for PK Subban a bit iffy right now, Jonathan Drouin for Mikal Sergachev looks terrible right now, Ryan McDonagh for Brian Gionta looks really bad as well, but Montreal has faith in you Bergiven, do your thing.

Well, anyways where could Pacioretty end up and a few teams that I am hearing right now are the Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers. Which two of those teams I find hard to believe. But the Canadiens are said to be actively and aggressively shopping Pacioretty. Personally, I think the same thing happens that happened to Matt Duchene last year, where he was rumored to be traded for a whole season nothing happened and then SEVERAL months later he was dealt.

Toronto Maple Leafs shopping for Pacioretty…

For the Leafs to get him, James Van Riemsdyk, Tyler Bozak would need to go, their cap hit is tight right now and affording Pac would be difficult unless the Canadiens eat some of his contract. Leafs definitely have the prospects to give and picks to shed as well but I don’t know about affording him.

Tampa Bay Lightning shopping for Pacioretty…

Lightning now has a decent cap hit with only $1.9 mil projected cap left, but the good thing is the Lightning have six UFA/RFA’s expiring at the end of this year and they could easily trade for Pacioretty, see how much cap they have left and negotiate from there. They have prospects as well and a couple of first-round picks or seconds to give, just depends on what Montreal is looking for.

Philadelphia Flyers shopping for Pacioretty…

Philadelphia is a team with plenty of prospects to give, a couple of first rounds or second rounders and active potentially good NHL players on their roster right now. They have a stock of defenseman, something Montreal wouldn’t mind or they have two first-round picks this year so one can go. But the Flyers can rid of Filppula after this season and that free’s up to $5 mil of cap and they have $2.7 left of projected cap space right now also. Possibly the Flyers could afford Pacioretty, he is contract ends in two seasons and getting him before they have to pay him would be difficult but if the Blackhawks can afford Toews and Kane at $10 mil each, anything is possible.



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