World Junior Hockey Games: January 4, 2018

Today there will really be no excuse to not watch every single game on today as many are probably dealing with some snow circumstances, or canceled school, we all should be at least tuning into the USA vs Sweden game at 4 PM(EST).

Belarus vs Denmark 

Probably one of the least exciting games of the day airs at 12 PM(EST) as Belarus takes on Denmark in a battle of the basement of the tournament. Belarus has lost all five games up to this point in the tournament, they dropped 6-1 to Sweden, 3-2 to Switzerland, 5-2 to Russia, 6-5 to the Czech Republic and 5-4 to Denmark. Denmark is most certainly the favorite here today as Belarus has competed this tournament but just do not match up well vs other teams. Denmark now is also struggling this tournament as they have dropped their first four games to USA, Finland, Canada and Solvokia and their only win coming against Belarus two days ago.

USA vs Sweden 

This begins the medal round games as USA faces off against Sweden, whatever team win goes on to play the Czech Republic or Canada, whatever team loses plays for the loser of the Czech, Canada game, for the bronze medal. As we get to see some great talent displayed in this game, Sweden’s #1 prospect for this 2018 NHL draft Rhasums Dhalin and former first-round pick Liass Andersson. The US has a total of 11 first round picks and they seem to be the favorite here today. But, USA vs Sweden has to be a game you put on your radar right now to watch, two teams that are seeing success this tournament and two of the better teams here. Sweden has collected five wins, coming against Belarus, Czech’s, Switzerland, Russia, and Solvokia. Now they face one of their best opponents for the final day of the tournament. The USA only dropped one game this tournament in which was an upset loss to Solvokia, but they have handled their own taking wins vs Canada, Finland, Denmark, and Russia. USA needs a win to move on.

Czech Republic vs Canada 

A battle for gold kicks off tonight at 8 PM(EST), and it seems Canada is the favorite after manhandling Switzerland, and as the Czech’s beta Finland in a thrilling shootout win, now the two meet for a chance to battle for gold. The winner moves on, loser battles for bronze. Canada the powerhouse of the games it seems like are rolling through much of the competition their only loss coming to the USA, but Canada has beaten Finland, Solvokia, Denmark and Switzerland most wins coming in a blowout fashion. Going up against another solid team though Canada will not take an easy one tonight as the Czech’s have won games against Russia, Belarus, Switzer, and Finland. Canada seems to be the favorite here tonight, either way, this game will be a great game to close out the day.


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