NFL Wild Card Recap; Titans vs Chiefs, Falcons vs Rams

Earlier last week, I wrote my takes on these wild card games and I am completely saddened to say that the first day was a bad day, per my takes, therefore I really hope no one took that as advice on who to take. 

Titans vs Chiefs 

The Chiefs have now lost six straight home playoff games since 1995, and since 1994 the Chiefs have 1-10 playoff record. It still amazes after the game the video I saw of Andy Reid walking back to the locker room, all the fans are saying “we love you Andy” and then Marcus Peters comes running by and the fans scream “Let’s go Marcus” and he just says “Shit where we going? Home?” I’m not sure if the people in Kansas City are just that nice or they are just completely delusional and can actually stomach a loss like that, a loss that should have never happened. But I guess obviously they are used to it at this point so they’re just happy to be there. Good for you Kansas City fans, but you fans worry me.

The Titans now though have won their first playoff game since 2003, and since that last win in 2003, this was only the third time they made the playoffs in the last eleven years. Now, they have to face the Patriots in New England, Marcus Mariota, 24-years-old, will face off against Tom Brady, 40-years-old, who is old enough to be his father. The controversy in New England may play a part in the Titans favor, but I would literally be in awe if the Titans come out with this one. The Titans win this game, Bill Belichick will probably attempt to run Robert Kraft out of New England, but Brady and Kraft will team up and kick him out of New England and then will Belichick will hold a grudge, go to another team and coach until he is 85-years-old. Wow, I really hope the Patriots lose.

Falcons vs Rams

Come on Rams, this was your game to lose and you came in and lost to the Falcons. Now, we have to hear how the Falcons are on a mission after that embarrassing Super Bowl loss last season. Way to go, way to let the Falcons bogus story continue. I mean 24/45 from Jared Goff is not playoff caliber when you miss half of your throws in a playoff game what do you expect. Todd Gurley did his part rushing 14 times for 101 yards. They definitely didn’t utilize their receivers as three of their receivers had only 1 catch, they threw to two guys the whole game, and their defense did not look like the defense we saw all season. Matt Ryan came in L.A., we all assumed he would be star struck by the big lights, still thinking about that Super Bowl loss, but he threw 21/30 with 218 yards and 1 TD, got the job done, but a lot of credit goes to the run game and defense. As DeVonta Freeman and Travis Coleman rushed for a combined 32 times for a combined 110 yards, nothing pretty but they did they would they had too.

This loss marks the fourth loss by the Rams in the last 18 years, and before this playoff run the last time the Rams made the playoffs was 2004 when Marc Bulger and Marshall Faulk were on the team. The Falcons though like I said head into Philadelphia now, and continue their “we’re hungry for a Super Bowl victory” headline after they blew a 20 point lead in the Super Bowl last season. This will be a good game and it will come down to the Eagles containing Julio Jones, and the Falcons offense, while the Eagles keep it simple, run the ball a ton and rely on Nick Foles to not make a mind-boggling idiotic play.


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