NHL: Jaromir Jagr Watch; Time in Calgary Done…

A lot of speculation has hit the hockey sphere about Jaromir Jagr’s future in Calgary. The 45-year-old winger has spent 25 years in the NHL and holds a grocery list of accomplishments to add to his already storied career.

Before the season a lot of rumors hit the hockey world that Jagr would not sign with another team and he would eventually retire from the NHL. Well, as of October 2, 2017, Jagr joined the Calgary Flames, once he joined the team he played his first game October 11th. Since joining the Flames Jagr has yet to establish a role or identity on this team. The Flames are a “younger” team we might say but the veteran, hall of fame presence of Jagr has been misused and disrespected by the Flames.

Jagr obviously is not expected to score 40 goals and tally 80 points a year anymore, but as a storied player and someone who has been around the league before some of the Flames players were even born, can be of use to help develop some of these young guys. Well, Jagr has played in a total of 22 games of the 41 games the Flames have played this season. In the games Jagr has played he is seeing anywhere from 11:00 minutes a game to at most(only happened two times) 15:00 minutes a game, averaging around 13 to 19 shifts a game. The 45-year-old hall of fame winger future in the NHL seems bleak. Jagr’s agent Petr Svoboda has been given to permission to talk to every other NHL team trying to find a fit for him, but it seems there is not one available. If Jagr does not stay in the NHL, he has been rumored to go to the European Hockey league, but nothing is set in stone in yet.

All we know so far is that Jagr’s time in Calgary is done, he will no longer be with the team and until he finds another NHL team to take him than inevitably┬áJagr’s time in the NHL is over. This will be the first time in Jagr’s career that has been cut by an NHL team. The future seems uncertain right now for the storied forward but all we can do is wait at this moment.


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