Judging the 2018 NFL QB Draft Class; Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen & More

By, Jack Kerner 

Is Josh Allen truly a #1 overall pick?

Mel Kiper unveiled on Thursday that his #1 overall pick for the 2018 NFL Draft is Josh Allen. Josh Rosen from UCLA was projected #2 overall in the draft, followed by Bradley Chubb from N.C. State at #3.

Analysts across College Football praise Allen’s arm as the “strongest in the draft”. Josh Allen surprises me for a #1 pick. His height fills out for a 1st Round QB being listed at 6’5. Some of Josh Allen’s talent is his arm strength, mobility, a quick release, and can stretch the field when on the run. Watching his highlights on youtube, your quick to notice that Josh Allen looks like a genuine NFL QB. His size seems ludicrous to some of the defenders he faced in the Mountain West Conference. His arm also looks fantastic, throwing absolute darts into tight coverage/on the run. Some of the throws on the highlight film are unreal. Seeming to establish room for thought that maybe Allen could very well be the answer to all the Browns problems.

Mel Kiper Jr has evaluated talent for decades for the NFL, so obviously, he knows what he’s doing. But Josh Allen? From the University of Wyoming? According to WalterFootball.com, Allen is compared to Ben Roethlisberger, a big-bodied QB whose arm strength is very similar to each other. He is also compared to Kyle Boller, for his lack of accuracy in throws and making poor decisions. For me, I do see a young Ben Roethlisberger in Josh Allen. Coming from a school where the play is above-average, the players are slightly smaller than other high valued D1 programs such as Alabama. But diamonds can be found in the rough, Carson Wentz coming from North Dakota State, Roethlisberger coming from Miami Ohio, or even Jimmy Garoppolo from Eastern Illinois University, who recently lead the 49ers to a 6-0 record to close the season.

Browns to select Josh Allen?

2018 NFL Draft

If the Browns do select Josh Allen over all the other highly touted QB’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if Allen does end up being a bust. The Browns organization has players on their roster with talent, but the talent seems to waste away as the season of failures continue, due to the lack of a serious franchise QB in Cleveland. It’s hard to change the culture when there is no prominent star who can lead by example in the locker room, on the field, and off the field. The Browns have been on the clock since the last game of the 2017-18 season. I believe the Browns will either take Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold and yes, Baker Mayfield. They will need a QB in order to compete in a QB friendly league. Another QB to keep an eye out for, Lamar Jackson. Will he be taken in the first round? Honestly, I don’t think so. But, he is definitely worth the risk of picking considering he is a Heisman award winner. I’ll say Jackson goes in round 2, 3, the ceiling being the 4th round.

If I coach a team who is 0-16, I would suggest the team needs a franchise ready QB. A franchise ready QB gives the team a cornerstone to build a team around. With a rookie QB, it may take time to develop. Paxton Lynch for example. Haven’t seen that man since he graduated Memphis. Drafted in the 1st round, 26th overall.

I just don’t see Josh Allen being the shining example of a first overall pick. Could he be a breakout player like Carson Wentz, from North Dakota State? Sure. But when an NFL team is 0-16, the culture needs to change in order for success to start building. A first overall pick could be used on Defense (Myles Garrett) or a QB to compete against DeShone Kizer.

Josh Allen growth at the College Level…

Josh Allen had a breakout Sophomore year. Throwing for 3,203 yards, 28 TD’s and 15 INT. Catching the eyes of many scouts, scouting for the 2017-18 Draft. His Junior year, this year; Allen only threw for 1,812 yards despite throwing impressively 16 TD’s and 6 INT.

Josh Allen will have his chance to prove his worth to scouts as he accepted the Senior Bowl invite in Mobile, Alabama. Consisting of some of the best seniors to graduate college. Carson  Wentz set the principle of what it takes for a young rookie QB to elevate his game and progress it into a potential MVP race.

Josh Allen has a long way to go before we start debating whether he’s a bust or the next shining example. We will see on April 26th, in Arlington, Texas.

Sam Darnold another possible #1 choice? 

2018 NFL Draft

Along with Kiper’s picks, I firmly believe Sam Darnold will somehow go #1. The story is too perfect to paint, as the Browns will mistakenly take him due to his massive upside, considering he declared early for the draft. The USC QB who also has been called in question as far as his NFL destiny following a heartbreaker against Ohio State, completing 26-45 for 356 yards and a harrowing interception. I don’t think Darnold should go first, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns take the gamble.

The Gamble: Being able to make a USC QB adapt to the NFL.

Ex: Mark Sanchez, John David Booty, Matt Leinart, Cody Kessler, Matt Barkley etc.

Giants and Rosen destined together? 

The Giants will take Josh Rosen, who has been compared to a young Aaron Rodgers. With his style of play and IQ of football, I think Rosen will be a star in the making, which Cleveland will not see, and not draft. OBJ will love him, (if he gets drafted).

Creating the scenario once more, wherein 2016 the Rams took Jared Goff, over Carson Wentz.

Indianapolis Colts needs heading into 2018 draft

The Colts are in desperate need of Defenders, which is why I fully agree with Kiper. The Colts have not had an elite pass rusher since the days of Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. The Colts offense have struggled over the past few years without Andrew Luck, but with a plunge into free agency for OL, a WR2, or even defensive players, the Colts can turn around quick. They will have time to reload for the upcoming season behind the leadership of a new head coach in charge of these Colts. If an offense can’t spark and light up the scoreboard, the defense needs to be able to make the stops for Jacoby Brissett as he attempts to steer the ship without Captain Andrew Luck. Bradley Chubb is also the #1 prospect according to cbssports.com, which heavily outweighs the QB position when considering the Colts have Brisset in place of Luck. He’ll be the best player available to draft when the Colts are called

Player to watch for the Colts: Marlon Mack, RB2 for the Colts. A lot of upsides, most likely to take over for Frank Gore when he retires.

Jack’s top-three predictions 

My projected picks for #1,#2,#3.

#1 Browns – Sam Darnold, QB, From USC.

#2 Giants – Josh Rosen QB, From UCLA.

#3 Colts – Bradley Chubb, DE, From N.C. State


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