Robby Anderson Arrested in Florida

More Jet Drama

Robby Anderson was arrested for the second time in less than a year on Friday. Anderson was arrested for driving 105 MPH in a 45 MPH zone, resisting arrest and running 2 red lights. No alcohol presence was detected at the scene

Anderson, in the back of the police car, allegedly stated to the arresting officers that when he gets out “he was going to find the wife of the said officer and f**k her and n-t in her eye.” Anderson also bragged to the officers “how much money” he has. This horrifying side of Anderson opened the eyes of many NFL fans who liked Anderson for his play in 2017-18.

images3.jpegAnderson since has been charged with 9 counts of charges, stemming from resisting officers, felony harm to the public, reckless driving, and worse.

Hearing the details and seeing for myself the videos on the Robby Anderson arrest, it’s difficult to understand.

As an athlete on the professional level; the more professional you should act off the field, in my opinion. If I’m making millions playing a sport I love, I would have no reason to be upset. (Saving those salaries would be key).

The connections that come from playing football for a specific town, goes more than a long way, in the long run.

When I saw the Jets signed UDFA Robby Anderson back in the summer of 2016 for the 17-18 season, I loved the signing.

Some undrafted free agents turned out to be major stars. Kurt Warner, Antonio Gates, James Harrison, etc.. The list goes on. Anderson was considered a diamond in the rough for the Jets in my eyes, as he caught 63 balls, for 941 yards and 7 TDs.

If your a Jets fan, the idea of Anderson, Enunwa, Kearse in 2018-19, is ridiculous.

The Jets, however, probably will make some sort of plan of action in regards to disciplining/releasing Anderson. If not, the league could also provide some sanctions.

The scene is too similar to 2 years previous, another Jet was arrested for driving 143 MPH with a child in the car. Sheldon Richardson.

Richardson was later demoted to his role for the Jets, later being traded to the Seahawks.

Rumors have it that Richardson may reunite with the Jets, pending the situation with Muhammad Wilkerson.

Jets Face a Tough Decision

Robby Anderson had been the answer many Jets fans never saw coming, providing quality play for the New York Jets in 17-18. Which is why it’s so hard to comprehend the details emerging from Anderson’s latest arrest.

My Take

I respect the men and women in blue, and quite frankly, so should Robby Anderson. If I was an undrafted player, I would try to make every right move possible to stay available to play in the league.

How stupid can you be? The man was undrafted, given a second and maybe final chance with the Jets to perform to make the roster. The man performed and stunned Jets fans with his play, opening the doors for possible incentives money wise, publicity-wise, and overall fan appreciation. He even trained with Chad Johnson, former WR for the Bengals in the offseason to be able to compete against NFL DB’s.

Johnson on Anderson in 2017

The fans deserve quality football and Anderson provided the Jets with glimpses of greatness.

Then he gets arrested for resisting arrest and reckless driving; throwing sexual assault threats into the mix.

I am a huge Jets fan. There is no doubt that Jets fans are looking forward to a new QB, the returning talented WR’s, the evolving Defense. Now, the fans may have to adapt to a scenario without Anderson.

The New York Jets have had nothing but unfortunate runs and obnoxious situations. All of that has led up to 2018, a season of optimism.

That optimism has been started with a shot to the groin.

The man is too talented, to be this much of a scumbag. I have no quarrels with him, but I want to see him progress into the elite caliber player he knows he could be. Getting arrested hurts your opportunities for landing a job in reality, which should be applied to multi-millionaire athletes.

I don’t think Robby Anderson is a bad guy. I think he said something in the heat of the moment. We have all said some things we, later on, regret down the road, I chalk this up for Robby Anderson.

However, I don’t respect Robby Anderson and his statements against the police officer’s wife. Sexual threats are still a type of verbal harassment, no matter the case.

We will all see what the Jets do over the course of the offseason. Grab your popcorn, because the 2018 offseason grind, is upon us for the Gang Green.


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