NHLPA ruins Andrew Colgianos iron-man streak…

This was perfect timing due to the fact something so similar just occurred in the NHL not long ago, but for those that have not been paying attention to the NHL news. Last week Andrew Cogliano cheaply hit rookie Adrian Kempe, the play was definitely not clean and for a guy that has played 830 consecutive games in the NHL, should probably know better.

That’s beside the point, Coligano received a two-minute penalty for the play and the next day got slapped with a two-game suspension. Not only does this make no sense, but this just ruined one of the most “meat and potatoes guys” in the NHL iron-man streak. Cogliano had the record of most consecutive games played in NHL history. 830 games straight, not missing one game, Coligano played 830 games straight. The worst part about this is this guy gets paid only 3.2 million a year and has been playing in the NHL for 11 years, no history, nothing. And you slap this guy with a two-game suspension. I understand protecting the players and protecting the youth of the game, but Kempe didn’t even get hurt on the play and returned a shift later. Just look at Cog’s in the press conference speaking about the suspension, cmon NHLPA have a heart.

Look at the man, almost in tears. Ready for the worst part, Friday night, Dustin Brown did something similar if not worse to a player with a history of concussions too. Brown, cross-checked Justin Schultz while he was on his knees into the boards, forcing his head to that part of the boards where the glass starts and boards end. If anyone has hit that part, knows the feeling of how much that hurts. Take a look at in real time here…

Oh, crossing check a defenseless player, while he was on his way down to his knees, numbers towards Brown, yeah an ejection and $10,000 fine seems reasonable. That will put a major dent into Brown’s 5.875 million per year contract. Brown is known to be a guy who plays a physical and tough game too and has been suspended before for an illegal hit and or has a reputation for his controversial hits on some players. One that comes to mind is Micahel Rosival in the 2012 Western Conference finals. I am not saying the NHLPA should not have issued the suspension to Coligano but I am saying that shouldn’t have, the guy has no history, the iron-man streak and has always been known to be a respected, hard-working player. The NHLPA blew this one and especially look bad after only issuing Brown a $10,000 fine for his hit that happened three days after Coligano’s. Way to go NHLPA.

You be the judge of this, clean or not? 


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