My take on the AFC/NFC Championship

Goliath defeats David

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots beat a good Jacksonville Jaguars team on Sunday afternoon.

The game started just like everyone thought it would.

Brady looking uncomfortable, the Pats D not having any sort of answer.

Blake Bortles played great. Not amazing, but good enough to compete with the legendary Patriots offense. Keenan Cole and Allen Hurns made great catches to spark the Jags offense in the first half. T.J Yeldon, the 3rd down back also played great in his short role for the team.

Brady was kept off the field for most of the first half. He did get off to a great start going 6-6 on the first drive of the game. Danny Amendola also played lights out. In the first half and the second. Catching 2 clutch TD catches for the Pats, one coming during the last few minutes of the game.

Gronk got knocked out of the game from what I thought was a clean hit. He lead with the shoulder, burying it along with Gronk’ upper body/neck area.

Telvin Smith hit him high but not terribly high. By not going low, Smith made the smart decision, just a vicious tackle.

I’ll say it right now, the Pats and the refs are in collusion. Fueled by Robert Kraft and his friendship with Rodger Goodell. No one would see it coming, so it makes sense.

Salty Take

The Pats were an average team before Brady, Belicheck, Patricia, McDaniels.

They also had Bill O’Brien, the coach for the Houston Texans. During the Brady/Belicheck Dynasty.

They will be average again eventually (hopefully).

The coaches are gone after this year, except Belicheck.

That man may die as a Patriot

Brady will be done in 3-5 years. But for now, the Pats will continue their reign in the NFL, with Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck, arguably the two best in their professional positions.

When the Pats had Jimmy G, I thought it was more years of misery for the Jets. But the Pats made the wrong move. Was Jimmy G about to be sat for 3-4 more years? Maybe. But he still would have started for a team that had the GOAT. Along with Brandin Cooks, who is a young elite WR for the Pats.

Meanwhile, I’m praying the Jets somehow land Kirk Cousins, Josh Rosen, or Baker Mayfield.

If I know the Jets, a defensive player may be picked.

The Nick Foles Show

So Nick Foles is more than pretty good. And the Vikings Defense never left the locker room. Case Keenum should have stayed in the locker room. His costly turnovers sealed the fate for the Vikings.

Throughout the game, the Eagles embarrassed the Vikings to the point where Eagles fans trolled the entire state of Minnesota by doing the SKOL, clapping above their heads.

The Vikings can attribute to being awful on the ground, losing their star rookie RB Dalvin Cook for the season.

Teddy Bridgewater is slowly coming back as he is the presumed “future” of the Vikings offense. He threw a pick the first series back in garbage time. So maybe something there? Or just a fluke interception, some madden type stuff.

Bottom line, Case Keenum should have been benched. Sam Bradford just came back to the team, and I think he would have at least thrown something different at them.

With less than six minutes left in the game, Keenum threw a pick, it really couldn’t get any worse.

The Super Bowl is in Minnesota, that’s pretty bad. Especially if the Eagles beat the Patriots.

I was so wrong about Nick Foles. I thought he was going to manage the game good enough to win bare minimum. The ceiling for Foles is what basically happened on Sunday.

At the LINC, Foles destroyed the Vikings, easily claiming the NFC. The Eagles defense is also insanely good. Derek Barnett is ridiculous. Chris Long is an absolute bro. The Eagles team is flying high, all the way to face the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady.

Foles made all the throws he needed to make, embarrassing the pro bowl snubbed Harrison Smith.

Enjoy it Eagles fans, you’ve earned the right for the super bowl and you may just win it


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