Free NBA Picks; January 23, 2018

Last card we saw the Rockets fail to cover winning by 9. The Sixers blowing the lead losing to the Grizzlies, and the Hornets failing to cover only winning by 5.

The late night card won outright, the T-wolves didn’t need the +2.0 as they beat the Clips in a high scoring affair.

Tonight, I’m only going for 2 Picks in the night and late night slots because of the matchups.

Late Night: Celtics -5.0 vs. the Lakers


The Celtics have been destroying the competition on the court this season. Not by a blowout by margin, but tactically and mentally on the court with every type of personnel. Loaded with depth

The Lakers have young talent with Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram. I think they be competing with the Celts for most of the game, eventually losing by the 4th. With Kylie Irving, Jayson Tatum, and Al Horford; I don’t see them losing to a young Lakers team if they play like the typical Celtics.

The Lakers bench have to provide immense support in order to beat the Celts, which I don’t think will happen,

OKC -10.0 vs. the Nets

If you can take the points in this one, take it. I think the Nets will poise a challenge throughout the game, but the Thunder are a great team and should figure out how to pace a tough Brooklyn Nets team.

I love the Thunder because of Westbrook, Melo, and PG13 at home in the month of January.

In January, the Thunder are averaging 48.4 % in FG percentage, the highest all season.

They are also averaging 112 PPG, a Team high all year. The more experience the core for the Thunder receive together on the court, the better the understanding on the court with shooting, passing, and defending.

The Nets will keep pace, but expect the Thunder’s core to take over and dominate the Nets.

The Thunder are finding their rhythm, they should continue to do so tonight



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