Game 47- Montreal Canadiens

Tonight the Colorado Avalanche take on the Montreal Canadiens. The second game in back to back games up in Canada for the Avs, Last night playing in Toronto and tonight Montreal. I don’t think this is a good sign for the Avs. Last night was not an easy game for the Avalanche, it was a game that had to be ground down and won. The Avs showed some gusto by coming back after being scored on twice by Auston Matthews, one of which was called back. Tonight the Avs finish of their Canadian campaign. This is another interesting opponent.

The Canadiens have been struggling for the past two seasons. They have had some very serious issues with keeping Carey Price healthy too. Something that concerns me is how Max Pacioretty has been playing as of late. In his last 7 games, he has scored 7 goals. This is despite having a pretty significant skid where he was goal-less. In their last ten games the Canadiens are (3-5-2) and at home, they are (11-9-5) so this is going to be an interesting game.

I think the Avalanche are going to win but they have to deal with the likes of Shea Weber.  Shea is both a weapon offensively and defensively. This should be the first Defensive Core the Avalanche will be playing in the past three games. Outside of Brandon Davidson each defenseman is tried and true.

PP1 for the Canadiens is straight Diesel. They can hit you from anywhere. Down low, with Gallagher, the point with Shea Weber raining bombs(Shea Weber isn’t even playing), Pacioretty and Galchenyuk walking off the walls. If Drouin isn’t throwing a hissy-fit he can bring the noise too so the Avalanche better stay off the PK.

The Avalanche are going to need the First line to really step up there play for the evening. The Canadiens are circling the drain in the Atlantic Division and this would be a team the Avs lose to. Their last loss was to the Phoenix Coyotes who are convincingly last in the league. I think it would truly be a statement for the Avs to surpass a franchise record of 12 wins in a row though but the next game after this one is going to be the St. Louis Blues. The central division is too hard to call so I think this game tonight is must-win to reassure the playoff position for the Avalanche.

People forget that the Avalanche lost to the Canadiens, 10-1, the last time they were in the Bell Centre.

Avs 4-1 (2-1 on exact scores) (3-0 on game predictions)

Manager’s pick- 3-2


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