Mighty Ducks TV series in early stages…

Did I just read that title correctly? Yes, yes you have! The movie series that has sparked many hockey careers and has given many of us a hero. For hockey fans in particular, whether you grew up idolizing Adam Banks, Charlie Conway or Gordon Bombay, any character of the Mighty Ducks movies were a work of beauty. We had our first real idea of what an enforcer role was watching the bash brothers going around banging bodies. We saw the underdog story of the Mighty Ducks vs Hawks. Which was probably a game many of us can recall, Charlie Conway penalty shot, with seconds on the clock, the infamous triple deke was born and from that point on, you probably spent hours trying to perfect that deke yourself. We watched the Ducks get shipped off to prep school and joined them in their journey as a Junior Varsity battling with the older, more skilled Varsity players. We dreamed of going away to prep school and living up to the memories of prep school hockey.

The Mighty Ducks not only gave us another reason to sit down all day on a Sunday and binge watch all three movies, but it gave us goals to set, people to look up to and created this picture of the hockey culture not many of us knew about at a young age. Mighty Ducks has played such a pivotal role in many hockey players lives, and with the news of a TV series coming our dreams have come true.

Now is a Mighty Ducks TV series coming? At this moment it seems like it, but they are in very early stages of development, which means it won’t be live for quite some time, maybe two-to-three years, I am assuming. There is no network attached to the series yet as the screenwriter is in its early stages, but what has been said is that ABC signature studies could possibly sign off the show, fund the project and from there, production can be started. Steven Brill will pen the screenwriting works and original producer Jordan Kerner will be apart of the production as well. Brillstein Entertainment’s George Heller and Brad Petrigala will, like Brill, be credited as executive producers.

Now, if Mighty Ducks does not find a network to air the show, Mighty Ducks will be looking elsewhere for other broadcasting networks and or online streaming options.  Or another option could be keeping it “in-house” to Disney studios which is also home to the Marvel and Star Wars trilogy movies.

The Mighty Ducks was produced in 1992, based off a story about an ex-player who is at the time an attorney and ends up coaching a pee-wee hockey team after he has a run with the law for a drunk-driving incident. The first movie did not receive the best reviews, as some movie critics did bash the film but despite that, the film produced $50.7 million domestically. Which helped fund the next two movies D2(1994) and D3(1996), both those films held a similar storyline, starring Gordon Bombay as the coach expect D2 and D3 introduced more of a story based off the players like star Charlie Conway. These two movies generated respectively, $45.6 million and $22.9 million. With the success of these films, the NHL named a franchise after the movie, during the 1993 NHL expansion, making the Mighty Ducks, which are now the Anaheim Ducks.

If ABC does endorse the show this will be the second time the Mighty Ducks appears on air, in 2004, they ran 26 episodes on Toon Disney. Right now, it is very early in the development stage but if we know the hockey community, this will somehow happen!

Additional reporting by (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/mighty-ducks-tv-series-works-1077067



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