Should Brad Marchand be suspended or not?

After reading the title you are aware of what Brad Marchand did last night, I assume. Maybe I am wrong to assume but Marchand did his usual. Taking a cheap shot to a defenseless player and before you even defend Marchand. I do not want to hear “Oh he didn’t mean it, he was battling hard and the elbow just came up, he couldn’t control it”. First off, I have no idea what fantasy land you are living in because Marchand is a repeat offender, has been suspended or fined on multiple occasions and knew exactly what he was doing. Second off, the play was dead it was a whistle in frontĀ and Marchand for some reason had to continue the play with an elbow to Marcus Johansson’s head. Lastly, suspend this rat and give him two games or more.

If Marchand does not get suspended then the NHLPA is on some sort of new drug I am unaware of. Remember, take into consideration they just suspended a player with no history or anything for doing something very similar. This will add to the laundry list of suspensions and fines for Brad Marchand, well I hope so because the hit is worrisome and it comes at a pivotal time with the latest suspension and fines in the NHL coming recently and very similar in nature to Marchand’s terrible play Tuesday night.

For those that missed it here is the hit, you be the judge of what should happen.

Skip to 35 seconds. I don’t even have an explanation for what Marchand was trying to accomplish here.

Marchand is scheduled to have a hearing today with the NHLPA so by the end of the day or within the next few hours or so we will know what happens to Marchand in terms of a suspension, fine or nothing.


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