FREE NHL Picks: January 25, 2018


Nashville Predators(26-11-7) vs New Jersey Devils(24-15-8) 

The Devils are coming into this game on a three-game losing streak and currently tied with the Flyers for the second spot in the Metropolitan division. The Devils dropped their last game to Boston, 3-2. Had a day off and now get back to it vs another top team in the NHL. Over the last ten the Devils are 2-6-2, and while offense has been a strong suit for this club all year, over the last ten they have scored just 21 goals in the last ten games. They have played now nine games in January and through this month of the Devils have only won twice and have been held to two or fewer goals five times. The Predators are coming off a loss to the leagues best, Tampa Bay. They are currently two points behind Winnipeg for the divisional lead and post a 6-2-2 record in their last ten. The Predators have been a top-five team all season and continue to show signs of returning for yet another Stanley Cup. The Predators despite playing amazing on home ice, fare well on the road with a 12-7-4 record. I like the Predators here tonight, usually every night, but the Devils need to get back in the win column. Going, Devils.

Tampa Bay Lightning(33-12-3) vs Philadelphia Flyers(24-16-8)

The Flyers are coming into this game red-hot and the way the Flyers have been playing this matchup could not have come at a better time. Usually, we would look at this game and think oh, Lightning for sure. But as the Flyers continue to climb the Metro division rankings, their play continues to get better. With the help of depth scoring, Travis Konecny, per usual suspects in Courtier, Voracek, and Giroux. The Flyers are coming into this game on a four-game winning streak posting an 8-2-0 record in their last ten. They don’t post an amazing record on home ice but through the month of January, they have won five of their six home games. The Lightning well are the Lightning we know everything about this team already, deep, can score on all four lines, a solid goaltender, and a defense that may be banged up a tad, but manages to get the job done. The Lightning are coming into this game on a two-game winning streak posting a 5-4-1 record in their last ten. The Lightning on the road this season are 16-7-2, one of the better road records and during this month on the road, they have dropped three of their five road games. And they are currently wrapping up a four-game road trip as we speak. The Lightning are a solid team and all, and I really think they can take this one against a hot Flyers team but I don’t know, I think we stay with the hot hand here. Going, Flyers.

Minnesota Wild(26-17-5) vs Pittsburgh Penguins(26-21-3) 

The Penguins are battling for a playoff spot as of late, with the Rangers and Islanders poor play it has made it easier for the Penguins to secure a spot at the moment. The Penguins are coming into this game off a 3-1 vs Carolina and in their last ten have played much better, as they post a 7-3-0 record. The Penguins struggles on the back end continue but their offensive help has picked up a bit, their depth players are chipping in more as well as their goaltending has been solid from two unlikely names. The Penguins are much better on home ice as they are on the road, they post a 16-7-1 home record this season. The Wild now are in a similar situation to the Penguins they need a win to continue their fight for a playoff spot, but it won’t be easy. The Wild are coming into this game tied for a playoff spot, on a two-game winning streak and a 6-2-2 record in their last ten. The Wild are a solid bunch in all facets of the game, they see a little more offensive depth production and this team is a contender. The Wild come into the Penguins home ice, posting a 9-13-1 record on the road. While the Avalanche play tonight a team they are tied with this game is crucial. Tonight, if we go back 2.5 months this game was won 2-1 by Minnesota well fast forward now on the Penguins home ice and they meet again. Tonight I am going Pittsburgh.

Colorado Avalanche(27-17-3) vs St. Louis Blues(29-18-3) 

The Avalanche recently had their streak snapped by one of the worst teams in the league, figures, weird stuff like that always happens. A true test to this team will be how they respond now. And it’s a great test tonight as they face of one the top teams in their division and a team they trail only four points behind. The Avalanche are coming into tonight with a 9-1-0 record in their last ten and a 9-10-2 road record. The Blues have died off a ton from the beginning of the season, everyone thought they were legit contenders, while they merely a fake. The Blues are a solid team don’t get me wrong, but they struggle with depth scoring and consistent goaltending. The Blues are coming into this game winning their last game and a 6-3-1 record in their last ten, they also post a 16-10-0 home record. My bet for tonight, the Blues loss, Stars win, jump the Blues in the rankings and this begins the Blues fall out of a playoff spot. Going Avalanche tonight.

New York Islanders(24-20-5) vs Vegas Golden Knights(32-11-4) 

Well, it does not get easier for the Islanders as they head to Vegas to face off against one of the hottest teams in the NHL, and a team that seems unbeatable on home ice. Vegas is coming into this game on a two-game winning streak posting a 6-2-2 record in their last ten. Vegas leads the division by nine points, and have lost just two games at home all season. This team is a true Cinderella story and something that still feels like a dream to some. They seem to do everything right, their goaltending has been remarkable and their top six is just about as good as any top-six in the league. The Islanders are struggling for a playoff spot and have been playing mediocre in their last ten posting a record of 4-5-1 in their last ten and an 11-13-2 road record. A team that struggles on the road going into one of the hardest places to play this season will not be good. Tonight, I am sticking with the hot hand and going Vegas. They may be the first team to reach 70 points this season, wow.

Other games on tonight, that don’t get the special card preview…

Rangers vs Sharks: Preview coming…

Hurricanes vs Canadiens: Canadiens 

Bruins vs Senators: Bruins 

Blackhawks vs Red Wings: Blackhawks OT

Capitals vs Panthers: Panthers 

Maple Leafs vs Stars: Stars 

Flames vs Oilers: Oilers

Blue Jackets vs Coyotes: Blue Jackets 

Sabres vs Canucks: Sabres

Jets vs Ducks: Jets


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