Game 48- St. Louis Blues

The Colorado Avalanche are back in action tonight in St. Louis Blues. After losing to the Canadiens on Tuesday the Avalanche are looking to get back on track with a win before the All-Star Break.

Back to the best division in the NHL, the Central division. In my opinion any team in this division can make the playoffs. The deviant factor would be whether or not a team can put it all together. The Blues are a team that look like they have it together, for the most part. They are in stride, in the Last ten games they are 6-3-1 and barely holding onto third place in the division with Minnesota, Colorado, and Dallas on their heels. The Blues are coming off a recent shutout victory over the Ottawa Senators where Carter Hutton made 25 saves. It is surprising that this late in the season the Avalanche and the Blues have only met once before. That game ended up being a 4-3 victory for the Blues. Wins in these central division games are very important if the Avalanche want to make the post-season.

Every team is very close in points and the Avalanche only have 12 more Central division games left of the remaining 34 games. It looks like most of the remaining games are going to be against Pacific division teams, and they stink so thats good.

The blues on the other hand seem to have found a good replacement for David Backes, in Brayden Schenn. Brayden Schenn came over to the Blues from Philly this off season and he has been a stud for the Blues. Schenn has already almost put up as many points  this season as he did in the two prior season with the flyers, not combined. For the flyers steno average around 50 puts a season and he is already at 49 in under 50 games. It must be nice to be playing with Vlad Tarasenko and company.

Someone I would love to see more from would be Tage Thompson. Despite having a goal scorers name he has not been doing much in the NHL. I expect more form him because he is an American born hockey player. There was a a lot of Hype around Tage last year at the WJC and he was almost a point per game guy at Uconn. In the NHL he has only totaled 5 points in 19 games, 3 goals and 2 assists.

I don’t think the Avalanche are going to win tonight, they seem to not match up well against the Blues. I think the blues offense is going to over power the avalanche. The only thing that the Avs have over the blues is speed and the Blues defensemen are big and slow so that is something that we need to take advantage of. Bernier has now played ten games in a row and he needs a rest. Hammond has proven himself to be a good goaltender when his services are required. When he was in Ottawa in relief of Craig Anderson he won 20 of 23 games.

Lets get the ball rolling again.

Avs lose 4-2



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