NHL Power Rankings: UPDATED

The last time we spoke about Power Rankings was I believe a month ago, well here we are now, a lot has happened in a month, well not really because teams had their bye weeks and some nights only consisted of one two games, but the NHL is coming back in full swing and before we hit the All-Star break. We must get into the NHL power rankings before teams break for five to six days. Here is the last power rankings article… 

The last time we did this was January 9, and since then there has been sixteen days in between but not a ton of action, not much will probably change but, on January 9 we had… (refer below).

  1. Vegas Golden Knights (+1) 
  2. Tampa Bay Lightning (-1)
  3. Boston Bruins (+7)
  4. Washington Capitals (Even)
  5. Winnipeg Jets (New)
  6. Los Angeles Kings (even)
  7. New Jersey Devils (-2) 
  8. Toronto Maple Leafs (+1) 
  9. Dallas Stars (New) 
  10. Colorado Avalanche (NEW)

Now, fast forward sixteen days and the only things I can really change is maybe the ordering of some teams, the Leafs, Kings, Devils gone and Nashville gets back in the conversation as San Jose emerges. Here are the new updated NHL rankings…(refer below).

  1. Vegas Golden Knights (even)
  2. Boston Bruins(+1) 
  3. Winnipeg Jets (+2) 
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning (-2) 
  5. Washington Capitals (-1)
  6. Nashville Predators 
  7. Colorado Avalanche (+3) 
  8. Dallas Stars (+1) 
  9. Calgary Flames (new)
  10. San Jose Sharks (new) 

Maybe a little controversial but, I mean besides Vegas, everything else can be debated. Look now, the Bruins are climbing the rankings only five points away from the league lead, the Lighting has dropped five of their last ten games, the Capitals just drop one because the Lightning dropped, Nashville emerged here because last time around they were playing mediocre borderline .500 hockey but have found success recently. The Avalanche well we know about them and their ten game win streak. The Stars are a silent assassin this year as they are just nine points away from the league lead and one point away from a top three division spot. The Flames have not lost in their last ten games but have dropped three straight in overtime. The Sharks have been chipping away since their poor start and deserve some recognition.



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