XFL is back, buckle up

The XFL is back.

By 2020 the league will be reinstated, and this may be some of the greatest news of our lives. Well, maybe not the greatest but, for those who crave entertainment and like to watch ruthless football, this is your new favorite league. With the likes of Vince McMahon, the famous WWE character, McMahon has officially stated he is looking to bring the XFL back.

Just a warning for those under the age of 70, this game may be too much for your heart. The league was founded in 1999, a controversial football league is making its return, and probably at a terrible time. As a society, we have lamented the effects of concussions and head injuries, all the news coming out about CTE, players retiring at an early age. To say the least, the NFL/football as a whole was on the hot seat. Now, to bring back one of the most controversial leagues in football is a questionable call. Just take a look for yourself…

By god, this is going to be a nightmare, the XFL may get shut down quicker President Trumps wall installment plans. Literally, look at this, it is basically the WWE but with football. Is anyone else alarmed by the fact the QB Jeff Brohm was lying there like a dead corpse after he got hit(1:15), then came back and played six days later? No, yeah I figured and that is why this league will excel. The demographic they are targeting are just about as careless as a college students on social media. I am not sure where this league is going to get players, not many ex-NFL players will be willing to sign a contract again to take a beating to the head for another year or more. The exact reason many of these players left was due to head injuries and physically not being able to go anymore. We will see a lot of players like Vince Young, Trent Richardson, Johnny Manziel(if possible), and other CFL players that maybe if the contract is more lucrative would come over to the XFL.

The thing that worries me, for the good, is the fact that Vince McMahon will have nothing else to focus on besides developing the XFL. The first time around he had to worry about professional wrestling, and when he pushed the XFL aside and focused more on wrestling look how that industry grew. McMahon is a businessman, but I just have two questions, who is willing buying this league to air it on their television network and where are they are going to find players to fill rosters?

Anyways, once the league is finalized and everything in two years, it will be a game where fans have a ton of interaction and say in the league. As Vince McMahon stated

“McMahon also made it clear he does not want any political affiliation or social controversy to surround the league, which he said will have rules put in place that everyone must abide by. He wants fan input and integration to be a major part of developing the league over the next two years, from rules and team locations to everything in between.” – (Adam Silverstein CBS Sports)

Well, people, enjoy the XFL and the build to it because this is going to be very interesting, to say the least. The positive side it opens a ton of jobs within sports management, agents, marketing, game day operations, production, journalists, reporters, commentators, etc. That’s the good thing, hey I wouldn’t mind being a reporter or something for an XFL team, sign me up, I’ll do the writing while those players take the beating.


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