Ranking the QB’s from the 2017-18 NFL Season Part 3

#18. Dak Prescott

Dak lead the Cowboys to a 9-7 record, throwing for 22 TD’s and 13 INT’s. It was certainly the sophomore slump for Dak as he underperformed without Zeke mightily. Without their top tier RB Ezekiel Elliot, Dak managed to walk away with a 3-3 record while Zeke was suspended. Without having that constant RB threat, it exposed Dak more often. Dak threw the ball without precision in many games, which lead to his high INT count. The year previous, Dak had 4 Interceptions.

Hopefully Dak has a better season next year without having to worry about living life without Zeke.

#17. Derek Carr

Derek threw for 22 TD’s and 13 INT’s, leading the Raiders to a 6-10 record. A huge step back for Carr here as the once playoff bound Raiders blew it in 2017.  Amari Cooper underperformed and so did Michael Crabtree. Crabtree may be cut in the offseason, leaving a new WR spot for the Raiders.

Jon Gruden should change the culture in Oakland, as well develop Derek Carr into that elite QB status which I believe Derek Carr has the potential to be. Just a bad season for the Raiders in 2017, should be exciting to watch in 2018.

#16. Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota had a questionable 2017 for the Titans. He lead them to a 9-7 record throwing 13 TD’s and 15 INT’s. He played hurt for most of 2017. Could it have affected his play that much? Maybe. We will definitely see a different Mariota next year, hopefully a more confident one.

The Titans most likely will move on from DeMarco Murray an aging star. Derrick Henry will help Mariota as Henry moves into that primary position. The Titans need to add more receiving options for Mariota as clearly the options right now aren’t enough.

#15. Kirk Cousins


Cousins threw for 27 TD’s and 13 INT’s leading Washington to a 7-9 record. Cousins didn’t have a bad 2017 as he did what he could to steer the dumpster fire that is the Washington Redskins. Cousins sometimes would mess up his mechanics which usually happens every year for him, calling attention to his footwork. His WR’s lacked the true talent needed for Cousins to be successful.

Cousins should have a potential top 10 2018 season depending on the team he goes too. Rumors have it the Broncos seem to be the main team which would make great sense with receiving options like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. There are also rumors they could be gone as well, which could spell trouble for the Broncos in 2018.

Cousins will have plenty of teams to choose from as free agency slowly but surely makes its way.

#14. Blake Bortles

Bortles had an interesting year throwing for 21 TD’s and 13 INT’s. He lead the Jags to an AFC Championship where they eventually lost to the Pats. The Jags went 10-6 based off the average play of Bortles.

The Jags Defense helped Blake immensely as the D gave Bortles chances to elevate his game basically every game. With Allen Robinson coming back next year, the Jags face an interesting offseason filled with many questions on how to build around Blake Bortles and continue to develop him. They could also try and find a franchise QB around their up and coming team.

#13. Jimmy Garoppolo


Jimmy G only threw for 7 TD’s and 5 INT’s in 2017. After learning from TB12 in New England, Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers, a franchise desperate for a QB under new head coach Kyle Shanahan. I believe Jimmy G is better than Blake Bortles and Tyrold Taylor, which is why he’s #13 for 2017 in my opinion.

Jimmy G lead the 49ers to a 5-0 record to close out 2017. The 49ers were 1-10 before he showed up. Jimmy G showed his youth with the close TD/INT ratio. But he threw for over 275+ in 4 of the 6 games he appeared in.

2018 will be an interesting year for the 49ers as they hope to continue the success they’ve mounted with their new QB. They could also find themselves in playoffs if Jimmy G continues to lead them like a veteran on and off the field like he did with the short amount of time he had.

I can even see him landing in the Top 10 if Garoppolo continues his success next year.

#12. Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod threw for 14 TD’s and 4 INT’s as he lead the Buffalo Bills to a playoff berth for the first time since 1995. The Bills went 9-7.

I don’t like Tyrod Taylor. I don’t think he’s that good of a QB many portray him to be.

He threw for under 200 yards in 9 games. He also never threw more than 2 TD passes this season in a game. I think Tyrod is a very smart QB. The Bills Offense focuses on Tyrod being smart, making smart throws putting his team in the best position to win. With LeSean McCoy, Tyrod can pace the offense by giving LeSean more carries, or even checking down to him in order to avoid the big mistake down the field. You won’t EVER see Tyrod throw the ball for over 300 yards in a game, which differentiates average QB’s from Elite status. The Bills even traded Sammy Watkins. Was it because he was a bust? Maybe. Or maybe the Bills knew that even with Watkins, Tyrod still wasn’t going to throw all over the place. There is certainly room to improve and grow in Taylor’s game. With options such as Jordan Matthews and Zay Jones, Tyrod could grow into that eventual elite QB status.

Being safe and comfortable will only get you so far as a QB, like a first round playoff exit type far.

#11. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben threw for 28 TD’s and 14 INT’s leading the Steelers to a 13-3 record. Big Ben didn’t look a typical Big Ben. looking more uncomfortable in the pocket, with nagging attention to footwork.

He did however have a good season. Plagued from a horrific game against the Jags where he threw 5 Interceptions. Big Ben has amazing WR talent with AB and JuJu Smith Schuster. Martavis Bryant even seemed to comprehend the Steelers and their game plan for him. The Steelers D anchored down Big Ben in an average way, letting Big Ben have the upper hand in scenarios important to the game.

The Steelers O is loaded with talent for 2018. If Big Ben finds the fountain of youth, the Steelers will be back in the playoffs playing for another Super Bowl.

#10. Jared Goff

NFL: Preseason-Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings

Goff had a bounce back year throwing for 28 TD’s and 7 INT’s. Leading the Rams to a 11-5 season.

Goff looked like the first overall pick the Rams invested in as Goff lead the charge with some above average receivers consisting of first and second year products. Todd Gurley also helped Goff develop as teams had no answer if Gurley got off to a good start, which was basically every game in the regular season. Todd Gurley was the #2 to Kareem Hunt for the rushing title.

Jared Goff looked really good this year. He made smart decisions down field, he used the RPO (Run, Pass, Option) all season which helped Gurley go off.

Goff threw to Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods all season. Rookie Cooper Kupp also was incorporated. They all played above average enough for Goff giving him better confidence in his throws. As opposed to last year’s Jared Goff stats.

5 TD’s and 7 INT’s. I expect the Rams to be better next year. The Rams stopped producing in the playoffs. They are so young. If the Rams draft more youth and make plays in free agency, the Rams could find their way back or even better.

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