The XFL is Coming Back

A Second Chance

The Xtreme Football League ran by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is coming back to television and job opportunists in 2020.

The league will be run accordingly, setting up “more suited” for society in modern day 2018. No player with a “criminal rap sheet” or “charged with a crime” will be allowed to play. Closing the door on ex NFL stars who ran into trouble with the law such as Ray Rice and Justin Blackmon.

The WWE Business won’t have a say in the XFL, paving a no-nonsense theme around the league, trying to hype up the competitive nature around it

The XFL could be successful in today’s time as opposed to the 20th-century society. With all the prospects that failed to contribute at the highest of pro levels, this will gather enough hype to surround the league with undefined talent. Failed prospects getting a second chance, in the most extreme league just sounds like a good show needed for 2020, a softer society in comparison to 1999.

The XFL will draw the attention of many fans concerned with the well-being of players.

Some could view the XFL and it’s extreme football rules harsh, but in 2020, the league will have to focus on the viewers and their desires in order to be successful.


The XFL could lay the groundwork for other players that didn’t fit right into the system of the NFL.

I would love to see Manziel in the XFL. Just to see if he still has the college star in him one last time.

I’d also like to see other former NFL breakout stars turned NFL busts.

Other players such as Josh Freeman, Hakeem Nicks, JaMarcus Russell, LaRon Landry, Trent Richardson, Jake Locker, RG3, A.J Jenkins, etc. All of these players had started off the right path, wandered off the right path and right off a cliff.

The XFL presents a new horizon for NFL fans who feel that the NFL has lost its luster, or for fans protesting the league over the national anthem. It also opens doors to many ex NFL players who left the league because of trouble with law enforcement or any rap sheet players.

The XFL could also cause a lot of controversies in regards to injuries and the nature of how violent hits are. Since there are more and more studies coming out about CTE, I hope the XFL models a no-spearing to the upper body type rule or any head to head contact.

The XFL will require players to stand for the national anthem. This could strike some prospects the wrong way and prevent them from returning to football, others will see just another opportunity to make money playing the sport they love.

This could also cause protests as many could see this as a harsh rule in order to play football.

The XFL was started in 1999 and pulled in 2001 just after one season.

Let’s hope the XFL provides solid entertainment while also providing solid talent on the field as well. All the same, keeping the health risks involved with playing professional sports.


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