Mid-Season NHL awards: UPDATED

Hart Memorial Trophy: A few months back we did this same exact thing and not much has changed for this trophy. We have a very close race on our hands and unfortunately, since the league goes by basically who has the most points, Nikita Kucherov could win this one. But, I would not sleep on Nathan MacKinnon, MacKinnon is my choice for this trophy and should easily win it, due to the impact he has on this Colorado team. Without him they are toast. MacKinnon trails Kucherov by four points, in 48 games this season McKinnon has 24 goals, 36 assists, and 60 points. Over the last month, he has 8 goals, 9 assists as well. While Colorado was expected to be yet again a basement team this season, MacKinnon has single handily made this team playoff contenders hope the NHL comes to their senses when they make this selection.

James Norris Memorial Trophy: My nomination is John Klingberg, yet we won’t see that because his name isn’t Drew Doughty. The way this award will go down is probably a win by Drew Doughty, which should not happen. Klingberg leads all defenseman for points 5-on-5 with 32 points, while Doughty has 22. Klingberg leads all defenseman with 48 points. If we are going to choose based on numbers then Klingberg is a clear choice. After the season he had last year and being able to bounce like this is amazing. Give it to the guy.

Calder Memorial Trophy: This one is tough because Matt Barzal and Brock Boeser are putting on absolute shows right now. Barzal is a game changer on the ice and has certainly made the biggest impact on his team’s roster, he is the player on the ice that all five opposing guys need to keep an eye on and at any point can blow by any player on the ice. He is producing amazing numbers and has changed this Islanders offense, in 50 games he has 51 points, 16 goals 35 assists. While Brock Boeser has 43 points in 46 games with 24 goals and 19 assists. One guy is up there for most assists in the league while the other is up there for the Rocket trophy. Boeser has certainly made an impact on his team, but Barzal definitely has made the Islanders a playoff contending team. Both players control the game and it is not like they are feeding off veteran players they are the ones making the opportunities and sometimes even doing it alone. My choice though as much as it hurts would have to be Barzal.

Ted Lindsay Award: Give the Hart to MacKinnon and the Ted Lindsay to Kucherov, vice a versa. MacKinnon has to receive an award and get some recognition for what he has accomplished this year. If Kucheorv wins both the Hart and Ted Lindsay the NHL is no fun.

Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy: Alex Ovechkin, the guy is unreal right now. 30 goals in 49 games, 53 points, and the scary part is, as we known Ovechkin for his power play dominance. He only has 9 power play goals, which means 21 come even strength. I don’t see this guy falling off and losing the race this year. But, let’s note that Anders Lee, William Karlsson and Kucherov only trail Ovechkin by three goals, will be an interesting race.

Vezina Trophy: This is going to be a clear choice, based off numbers alone, Andre Vasailevsky will win it. in 40 games started he has a 29-9-2 record with a .931 save percentage, 2.18 goals against and 7 shutouts. Yes, he plays for the best team in the league but this has these awards work. Connor Hellebyuck should definitely get some consideration for what he has done this year, coming in cold, beginning the year as a backup goaltender and stealing the job from a veteran, and then leading his team to a  divisional lead is something special.

Jack Adams Award: Gerard Gallant (Vegas Golden Knights). No further comment. Don’t even have to discuss this one. Simple as this, the Golden Knights are one point away from being the #1 team in the NHL, lead the Pacific by nine points. Oh, not to mention this is their first year as a franchise.

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