Take the week off, the Super Bowl is 7 days away

I am not sure the excitement can be contained, while yes we still have to function as human beings/adults and go about our daily activities. Each day will get easier as the Super Bowl approaches, don’t want to write that memo? It’s ok the Super Bowl is coming. Don’t want to go through numbers and do accounting? That’ ok the Super Bowl is coming. Don’t want to answer the phone and schedule appointments endlessly? That’s ok the Super Bowl is coming. My point is whatever it is you are doing, you will get through it much easier knowing the Super Bowl is approaching.

Not an Eagles fan? I know for a fact you are not a Patriots fan, because who likes them? Not a fan of either team then A. “x” out now, or B, it doesn’t matter because with the Super Bowl comes the excuse to binge on wings and pizza, basically give the “Super Bowl” excuse to the boss, notice the whole office is just not there, because of the Super Bowl. Either way, if you are rooting for the Eagles or the Patriots you have the excuse to take a nice light workload this week(most of us).

What can we expect out of this game though?

Offense: Patriots vs Eagles 

Obviously, the Patriots hold the upper hand here, Tom Brady a seasoned veteran, five-time SuperBowl champion and 40-years-old will most likely give you that advantage over a guy who has played starting QB for an NFL team for 39 games during his six-year carer and has started in three playoff games. Brady-Edelman-Gronkowski connection will be in full effect this Sunday. Don’t forget about Brandin Cooks as well, another versatile wide-receiver for the Patriots, along with their backfield of James White and Mike Gillislee. The Patriots, yes have an amazing offense it is nothing we don’t know. They average 29.5 points per game during this playoff run and allow 17 points against. The Eagles offense is going to be a very simple offensive scheme, we will see very quick passes, short drop backs by Foles and the receivers running, quick, short routes. The wide-receiving core matches up well against the Patriots but the experience is not there expect Torrey Smith. Plus throw in the second-best tight end in the league, Zach Ertz a Gronk vs Ertz battle will be much appreciated this game. The Eagles backfield is much better with the triple threat of Legerrate Blount, Jay Ajayi, and Corey Clement, former Patriots running back, Blount will have a lot of work in this game, we can assume. We cannot underestimate the Eagles offense as they just scored four offensive touchdowns against the number ranked defense in the league. A game in which Nick Foles went 26/33 with 352 yards and three passing touchdowns.

Defense: Patriots vs Eagles 

The Eagles defense has been the backbone to this teams success, the Eagles defense only allowed 7 points to the duo of Adam Theilen and Stefon Diggs, they also held these two receivers to a combined 98 yards and 11 catches. These two were arguably the most dominant pair in the league up to that point. The Eagles have allowed 8.5 points this playoff run. They faced two of the top five wide receivers in terms of receiving yards(Julio Jones and Adam Theilen) and held both of them to under 100 yards. The Eagles defense will face yet another test and their last of the season vs one of the most dominant and experienced QB’s in the NFL(possibly NFL history). The Patriots defense looked to be off to a poor start vs the Jaguars during the Championship round, allowing 14 points before halftime and what looked like Blake Bortles may do the impossible. Well, the Patriots pulled their usual and came from behind to win, the Patriots defense allowed 6 points in the second half and shut down the Jaguars offensive attempts.

Either way, this is going to be a game of the ages, in my opinion. The Eagles defense and Patriots offense will be the matchup to watch here. While the Eagles offense and Nick Foles do what they can to get by and compete. Simple plays, short routes, and time-possession will be the key to the Eagles success. Getting to Brady early and causing some chaos in the pocket is key also, he is not a mobile quarterback so eliminating his time in the pocket is huge. The Patriots will want to get on the Eagles defense early, wear them down and do what they usually do, come out flying in the second half. The Patriots defense will have to adjust their game plan as they won’t see many long balls, the Patriots will have to equip themselves for short yardage gains, and pounding the ball on the ground.

The prediction…… later in the week……


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