A tribute to Jaromir Jagr’s Hall-Of-Fame Career… Thank You, Jagr

As of January 29, 2018, Jaromir Jagr cleared waivers and was dropped by the Calgary Flames, the 45-year-old forward spent just 22 games with the Flames recording 7 points. This was an inevitable decision waiting to happen and I believe many NHL fans saw this coming. Jagr was in and out of the line up this whole season and it took almost four months for an NHL team to sign him. Well as the news has come out Jagr is headed back to his hometown to play for the HC Kladno in the Czech Republic.

The game is transitioning from veteran experience to youth development and speed. Jagr being 45-years-old slowed down a bit and does not have that same presence or edge to his game anymore. Many NHL fans, whether one is a Jagr fan or not has to feel for the guy, he has played in now 1733 games played, for 10 NHL teams. He has paid his dues for sure and has lived an outstanding hall-of-fame career without a doubt. Jagr during his career has recorded over a point per game. In his 1733 games played he has 1921 points making him a 1.10 point per game player throughout his career. Not many players can say that.

Jagr’s hall of fame years in Pittsburgh

Jagr spent the first 11 years of his career with the Penguins and that was a time many of us can remember, his exotic mullet, linemate Mario Lemieux, the two single handily tore defenseman apart and caused chaos on the ice. During his time with Pittsburgh Jagr recorded, 439 goals, ten 30 plus goal seasons, one 62 goal year, three 40 plus goal seasons and won two Stanely Cups during his time in Pittsburgh.

Jagr still cruising at 30-years-old with Washington/ New York Rangers 

Jagr then moved onto Washington, you cant forget these years either, the bird logo on the front chest, Jagr ripping it up once again and ended up spending three seasons there scoring 98 goals and recording 230 points. Towards the end of his time in Washington, he was later sent to New York in which he spent four seasons there. More years of Jagr you cannot forget, the CCM Vector, the Rangers going across the chest, CCM bucket, the guy had style and was hard to forget on the ice. He recorded 124 goals for the Rangers and had one of his best years in 2005-06 at the age of 33, recording 123 points in 82 games.

Jagr’s Accomplishments…

Jagr after that would jump from team to team, venturing with the Flyers, Boston, Dallas, New Jersey, and Florida for four years then finally the Flames, in which his career would end(maybe?). Jagr has won the Ted Lindsay three times(98,00,06), the Art Ross five times(95,98,99,00,01) he won the Art Ross four years in a row, something that is unheard of. The Bill Masteron one time in 2015-16 with Florida and the Hart Memorial one time in 1998-1999. That means during the years of 1995-2000, Jagr collected the Ted Lindsay(2x), Art Ross(4x) and Hart Memorial one time. Basically, if he chose to retire in 2000, he would have been a hall of famer. Jagr is a player we know for being a solid body out there, unbelievable puck protection, a wicked shot, unreal playmaking ability with a goal-scoring knack and a guy who is dedicated to the game more than anyone we know.

Jaromir Jagr news

Thank you, Jags…

His antics after games working out after playing a full 60-minute game at the age of 40 plus years old, his offseason conditioning as his career went on. For a player to dedicate that much time to the game, conditioning and getting better on and off the ice, when he was nearly 40-years-old playing top six/bottom six minutes, just shows the type of player and man Jagr was. As hockey fans, we have to have the utmost respect for Jagr, for paving the way for many of us, for giving us a role model early on in life and for showing us what it means to be a professional.

Thanks, Jagr, we love you.


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