Game 49- Vancouver Canucks

Fresh off the 2018 All-Star break, the Colorado Avalanche look to return to Avalanche hockey by beating the Canucks this evening in Vancouver. The Avalanche are riding a 2-game losing streak after completing a 10 game win streak. I say completely because the Avs were acting like they accomplished something. They were lucky enough to maintain their wildcard playoff spot because the Wild and the Kings have not been playing their best hockey either. The three of them are tied in points at 57. The tiebreaker being ROW puts the Avs in the second wildcard spot.

Tonight the Avalanche play guest to the Canucks who have been in many ways, horrible for the past couple of years. Ever since they lost to Boston in the Stanley cup finals and the city burned down the Canucks have not risen from the ashes. They are perennially at the bottom of the Pacific division but there seems to be a bright light at the end of the tunnel, we saw this in the All-star game MVP Brock Boeser(BTW American, Huge), who I would also like to consider for the Calder Trophy. I think he deserves it more than Barzal. Not to discredit anything Matthew Barzal has done but he has a core group of players who deserve some of the credit too. Brock has been doing this all season with no one to help him. The best asset that could have helped Boeser was on IR for 15 games and that is Bo Horvat. The Sedin’s stink. Louis Erickson is playing out the final years of his career. Brendan Sutter has been irrelevant ever since he left the Penguins. Tomas Vanek is doing the same thing Louis Erickson is doing. Neither of these guys can find a home. I don’t see a lot of future in Vancouver outside of Boeser. GM Jim Benning needs to get his act together before he is gone.

The Canucks are kind of like a dumpster fire.

The Avalanche should win. They should win this one and the next (against Edmonton), but if they play down to the level of their opponents like they tend to do, they will go 1-1. This should be a 2-0 sweep of western Canada, then they have Winnipeg who is a different monster all together.

From what it sounds like Tyson Barrie will be back sometime along this road trip, so will Varly but we will see what happens. Colin Wilson is hopefully healthy enough to return to the Lineup as well as JT Compher. This adds a little more speed and grit to the Avalanche game. Varly needs to be traded but that’s an issue for another day.

Avs Win 3-2

but barely



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