New York Islanders make retrun to Coliseum in 2018-2019

The New York Islanders announced yesterday afternoon, that they will be returning back home to Uniondale, for a reunion with the beloved Long Island people, and Nassau Veterans Coliseum. The Islanders were in negotiation to return back to Nassau Coliseum for a full 82-game season until the Belmont Arena was built but I guess 12-games at home will do.

For New York Islander fans that reside on Long Island, this is a dream come true, while it is not for a full season of the 82 games, a year, 12 on home ice at the Coliseum and the rest at the Barclays Center, Islander fans cannot complain. Until Belmont is built, the Islandrers will play a total of 60 games over the next three years at the Coliseum. Which is even better news.

The return back to the Coliseum will is the icing on the cake for Islander fans, and the thing is it is a whole new coliseum, a renovated, updated and newer arena. The Islanders left their playing days at the Coliseum after 42-years and have been playing home games at the Barclays Center for the past two seasons now.

The Barclays Center has not treated the Islanders or any NHL viewers well. It is an arena that was built for NBA basketball and has not accommodated well to NHL hockey or viewers. Since the Islanders moved to the Barclays Center they have been trying to end the lease and look for a new place or a possible return to the Coliseum.

The Islanders wishes have been granted as they expect the Belmont Arena ready by 2020-2021 season and the Islanders will now be playing 12 home games next year, and 48 preseason/regular season games in the following years.

Fan experience will definitely be increased, attendance will be increased and the love for Islanders hockey will be back. The Barclays has not displayed the love of Islanders hockey too well as the Islanders have averaged an attendance of just 12,059 per night this season, far below the 15,500 capacity the building has for hockey and last among all NHL teams. And the Nassau Coliseum is expected to hold around 13,000 fans with the possibility of cramming a few more seats if needed.

Either way, this is music to Islander fans ears, the return back to the Coliseum is finally coming and all the great memories that arena holds will now never be forgotten.

Don’t worry Islander fans, as sad as this video is and although you may not be back at the Coliseum forever, take a look at this video to remember all the amazing memories and how you will get to relive for three more years now.


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