NFL Super Bowl LII media day takeaways…


As many, if not all of us know by now, media day occurred January 29(yesterday), and it was an eventful one. First, off Minnesota fans are definitely not over their NFC Championship loss to Philadelphia. As the Patriots and Eagles captains were welcomed to the stage yesterday, Minnesota fans let the Eagles players hear it.

Some takeaways from media day though, Zach Ertz is officially being labeled as Julia Ertz’s husband, Tom Brady does not keep up with pop culture, Chirs Long won’t attend the white house if Eagles win, Bill Belichick does have a soul, Tom Brady pulls off his best Micahel Jackson impression/Cam Newton impression.

Big Media Day takeaways…

Tom Brady had a lot of sticking points this media day, like we expected, being a 40-year-old QB, and five-time Super Bowl champ and one of the greatest to ever play will do that to you. To start Tom Brady failed the E! News pop culture quiz, which quite honestly as a 21-year-old I knew the answer to none of those questions. The E! News reporter asked Brady questions like what is Kim and Kayne’s newest child’s name, who hosted the Grammy’s, questions like that and he failed miserably, deeming him a loser. Tom Brady also showed up on the stage in black gloves, looking like a newer, cooler and more athletic Michael Jackson, way to go, Brady, way to bring back the Jackson look. Brady also pulled off his best Cam Newton impression rocking his best cowboy hat, too bad he looked terrible, leave that look to Cam, Brady.

NFL Super Bowl LIIDuring media day, a reporter asked Zach Ertz if he had any words for his wife Julie Ertz, which of course he did or he’d probably be riding the sh*tter for a few weeks. But, the real story is why is that even a question you ask, the guy is playing in the Super Bowl in less than a week and you ask him to say a few words to his wife. Yeah, well now Julie Ertz took the spotlight over, Zach, the superstar U.S. women’s soccer player, who also plays sports took the spotlight from her husband. Way to ruin the day media.

Keep this one short, because this isn’t any new news coming from Chris Long, a very well known non-Trump supporter and somebody who openly voices his political opinion. Chris Long told Pardon My Take he will not attend the White House if the Eagles win the Super Bowl. As if this was a shock of any sort coming from king-lib Long. Cool, Chirs Long, you are a big, masculine male, who thinks he’s cool for not going to the White House, jokes on you because probably half your team won’t go either.

Bill Belichick did SMILE! A reporter told probably one of the worst jokes I’ve ever heard and Bill gave a half smile, no teeth were shown. But, if you were told this joke, you yourself would smile basically out of stupidity, Your first reaction probably is like this guy is a loser, why is he even here.

The reporter’s joke was “Why does the coach go to the bank?”

Bill said “What?” (probably thinking like what the f*ck is this guy saying)

The reporter said: “To get his quarterback, do you get it, Bill?”

Bill simply said: “You should be a comedian on TV” (half smile came in)

The reporter said: “You have a beautiful smile Bill you should do it more often.”

NFL Super Bowl LII

First off, that was a terrible joke, move on from that and secondly, why is this guy complimenting Bill for his smile, meanwhile he barely even smiled. This guy got a little creepy and crossed a line to me and tried way to hard to act like he was important. Lastly, who even asks if somoene gets your joke, like if you have to ask that then, your joke probably sucked. A double loss by the reporter for the awful joke and creepy comment. Stick to writing buddy.

Some other minor headlines…

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is supporting the Patriots this Super Bowl. Well as if Murphy’s approval was not the greatest already, he goes and supports the team that is playing against the city that is right next to the state he is governor for. Yeah, good decision Phil Murphy, if Kim Guadagno had any traction in the polls the last election you wouldn’t have won. Now with this, you can guarantee you won’t have a second term, you suck, no one likes you, and this is why everyone hates Jersey.

John Cena leads E-A-G-L-E-S chant, yeah well now you know Cena is a fan favorite. The guy is already loved by every child, parent, and person in this world, and just boosted his poll ratings by leading this chant on Monday Night Raw by leading an E-A-G-L-E-S chant in Philadelphia. Simple as this, Cena knows how to please the people wherever he is. The guy was born in West Newbury, MA and starts a chant for the opposing team of his home state’s team. God, I love Cena.

Darren Sproles possibly returning for 2018 season. Sproles said this Monday afternoon, and it is possible he returns, he did say he didn’t want to go out the way he did. I think we can expect Sproles back, but who knows where he will be. A Jay Ajayi and Sproles backfield, wow that would be unreal.


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