Bell Let’s Talk: End the Stigma

If at any point in your life you listen to me, please let it be now. Thoughts are racing through my head and emotions are higher than ever, but please I ask you to pay it forward now, and for a lifetime. This time of the year, January 31, Bell Let’s Talk does an amazing incentive to pay it forward. They donate 5 cents for every tweet, every view on their video etc, but we cannot let this be just today, or now. We have to pay it forward, talk and continue the conversation, tomorrow, the next day and everyday following that for the rest of our lives.

We all have a voice, sometimes at times we feel as if it may not matter, or it may not be heard but you have a voice and your voice is powerful. Never be afraid to speak your voice or ask for help. Be brave, be courageous and speak up, today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

As a college ice hockey player, the stigma around hockey players and their reputation most certainly gets to my head, I feel as if I have to remain tough, strong and keep my thoughts to myself. When I sit there after games, during periods, after games, during the week on non-game days or practice days, I am looking for answers, looking for hope, because while the game is an outlet for me, it also was at one point one of my biggest crutches in life. I allowed myself to not ask for help, not speak about what was going on, it affected me personally and it showed in my game, I was angry, violent and not happy with myself. I took my emotions out on my team, my game and myself. I allowed myself to fall victim to the stigma around anxiety and mental health. The stigma that you are weak, or a burden to others if you speak up. Once we learn to break those barriers, those stigma’s in our life, focus on the positive aspects of our life, be grateful for what we have that is when this stigma begins to break itself down, you break the barriers that hold you back. Now, look for the light at the end of a tunnel, even at times when it may not appear there, it is there, be hopeful and be brave. Believe, that while times are tough right now and you do not feel 100 percent all the time, you have to remain patient, because while it may take years to get fully feel better and be better, it is worth it. You are worth it, your life is worth more than anything, family, friends, and others love you. Believe in yourself, seek help and never be afraid to speak up.

That is my spill for the day, but please take the 14 minutes out of your day and watch single handily the most powerful video on the internet today. Paul Ranger a former player, an amazing player may we add, that battled with depression, felt his life was coming to an end, he could not see the light at the end of tunnel no more, and while he was so close to taking his own life, he believed in himself, sought help and now today his story has come out. Please, people, take the time to watch this video today and understand the things Paul talks about and how serious this cause is.

Follow the link above and watch the video, please be mindful and aware of others feelings, be open to others thoughts, ideas, feelings, and everything, not today but every day. We can end this stigma, and it won’t be easy and it may take years, decades, etc, but together WE can end it. So please join me in helping end this stigma.

Bell Let's Talk
Please head to @BellLetsTalk Twitter page and watch this video. Every view counts today. Do your part and help end the stigma. 




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