NHL Trade Rumors: Max Pacioretty time up, Sedin brothers future

As the NHL trade deadline is now 26 days away, the rumors, speculations and or deals will be begin to heat up. Coming into the All-Star break there was a few remarks about Max Pacioretty probably leaving Montreal and being shipped elsewhere. As well as Sedin brothers time in Vancouver coming to a close.

For starters, the Pacioretty deal seemed like it was the Canadiens just panicking they have not been the most successful team this year, but when we heard their #1 goal scorer for the past five or so years is being rumored to be traded, we thought it was maybe a fib. Turns out that Montreal actually does in fact want to get rid of Pacioretty and Pacioretty himself seems to be ok with walking away from the team he spent 10 years with. Pacioretty’s contract ends in a year and his cap hit right now is 4.5 mil a year, but after being a 30-goal scorer for the entirety of his career, Pax can be looking at a 6 mil a year cap hit or more. Possibly why the Canadiens want to let him walk also. As of now not much has come out on where Pacioretty could end up, but this is not an asset right now for the Canadiens. Yes, they are taking calls on Pacioretty but it is not like this is a do or die situation for the team, if the deal isn’t right Pacioretty won’t get moved. Their real concern is signing back UFA Tomas Plekanec as they are terrible at center to begin with, Plekanec is a veteran player, and has paid his dues in the league, the only situation that comes out of here in Montreal is a rental buy on Plekanec or the Canadiens wait until the off season to talk about these two futures.

Sedin brothers are another interesting case because they have until the off season to figure out a deal, they do have a no move clause(NMC) but at 37-years-old the Canucks are not worried about signing back the Sedin brothers right now. Not many teams will probably call on them come the deadline nor the off season, so we probably won’t hear anything about these two until the end of the year. The player the Canucks worry about is Erik Gudbranson, his contract is up at the end of this year, he is a 27-year-old defenseman and a player that peaks the most interest to other teams. They are going to try and figure out a deal with Gudbranson before they go out and sign back the Sedin brothers.


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