Bold Super Bowl LII Predictions

Am I strangling for a headline or what? I am about to write some blasphemy on this page, because, Super Bowl coverage is important and as a Big J journo (obviously) content doesn’t sleep. I’ll give you my five biggest Super Bowl predictions, I’ll keep them real don’t get me wrong but these may be some of the hottest of hot takes for you, bare with me.

Foles vs Brady 

Nick Foles throws for more passing yards than Brady. Hey, this is not completely impossible if we look at this years playoff stats, Brady threw for 337 yards 35/53 the first divisional game vs Tennessee, Foles during the divisional round did not have as many passing attempts nor yards but he did complete 76 percent of his passes throwing for 246 yards, 23/30, not too shabby Nick. Brady during the Championship round threw for 290 yards going 26/38, meanwhile Foles threw for 352 yards going 26/33. If we combine their numbers and take the average, Foles has been averaging 299 yards a game, lets say 300 to be nice. Brady has been averaging, 313 yards. Foles has been averaging a 77 percent completion rate, while Brady has been averaging a 67 percent completion rate. The numbers are close and this can happen.

Eagles vs Gronk…

Eagles defense hold Gronkowski to 85 receiving yards or less. Not many games has Gronk been held to that little amount of yards in the air but the Eagles defense faced, Kyle Rudolph holding him to 1 catch for 25 yards and two Falcons tight ends combined for 2 catches and 15 yards. Obviously no Gronkowski’s out there nor Tom Brady’s but the Eagles defense is performing at unbelieveable rate right now even missing Jordan Hicks. I like this predicition and I can easily see it happen. Gronk coming off a concussion, bang him up a little bit, hit him hard and low, get him thinking, I can see it.

Patriots vs Jeffrey…

Patriots defense holds Alshon Jeffrey to 75 receiving yards or less. Jeffrey made this claim last season that he was going to Super Bowl expect that was with the Bears and then he got traded to the Eagles. The big time receiver will have a ton of light on him and probably the Patriots best safety. Jeffrey this post season has 4 61 5 85 9 catches for 146 yards. There has been one game he was held to 70 yards or less and only broke out for 85 yards in the Vikings match up. The Patriots seem to do a great job shutting down key guys like Allen Hurns, Mariques Lee, Rishard Matthews. This will be tougher set of recievers for New England but like I said this is a bold prediction.

Eagles RB vs Patriots RB 

Eagles running backs combine for more rushing yards than New England’s. LeGarrette Blount going up against his former team and being one of the most seasoned veterans in the back field this game, his veteran experience and almost historical numbers will be a huge drawing point. Jay Ajayi rushed for 15 carries, 54 yards, 3.6 yards a carry, basically everything you can ask for in the playoffs, that was vs Atlanta FYI. Against Minnesota he rushed for 18 carries, 73 yards. Compared to the Patriots running backs who rushed for a combined, 13 carries, 43 yards vs Jacksonville(between four running backs) and 23 carries 120 yards between three running backs. Ok, so, Ajayi, JUST Ajayi this playoffs has totaled 33 carries for 127 yards, and between four running backs for the Patriots they have combined for 37 carries for 163 yards. My case is closed.

Last but not least…

Bill Belicheck smiles more than one time. Now, this is a BOLD predicition, I am not sure this guy has ever smiled more than that during a regular season game. Now the atmoshphere of the playoffs, we may not even see a smile at all. This is a stretch but he wore a fedora off the plane to Minnesota so his mood must be high.

Super Bowl LII is now THREE days, I may have wet my pants.


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