Avalanche lock up two points in Edmonton

Before we get into the nitty gritty tonight the Avalanche play in Edmonton which is close to where Avalanche forward Tyson Jost grew up with his Grandfather, father was out of the picture. His grandfather did everything he could to get Tyson to this point in the NHL and he has become Colorado’s favorite Grandpa. His Grandpa even moved to Kelowna so Tyson can play in the Program of excellence there. Introducing Grandpa Jost.

Here is his Grandfather after his first goal as an Avalanche in front of his Grandfather. Stay tuned to the end.

Good team effort some unfortunate bounces going the way of the Oilers but the Avalanche played a good game locking up 2 points. Last night the avalanche jumped back into the second wild card spot in the west. The game was a rollercoaster. The first period was very back and forth, but in the second the Avs took over scoring three goals to the Oilers one. The scoring started with a great decision by Nikita Zadorov jumping up into the play and driving to the slot and sends the puck passed Montoya.

Nikita Zadorov scores his fourth of the season.

Later on in the second period the Avs found themselves on the power play for the only time this game. This is a penalty kill that the Avalanche can take advantage of and guess what Samuel Girard ends up ripping a bomb top shelf on Montoya. His first for the Avalanche

Sam Girard scores

Connor Mcdavid scores his 16th. I mean what the hell is that? The kid plays the game on easy mode. unreal goal nothing to see here though. Oilers home penalty kill still a problem for the team, is it mental? Are you Mental?hqg-17

nearly 50% effective rate. Easily the worst in the league by a lot.

How do you call the first Drake Caggiulla goal a goal? I don’t think anyone knows what a goal is anymore. How do you even say its a goal that forces the avalanche to risk a penalty to question the refs on their wrong call, kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Actually the no goal call put Ranatanen in the box anyway so lose-lose.. NVM as I’m writing this Comeau(10) danced Klefbom and stuffs it home for the 5000th franchise goal here! Thats three shorties on the season for Blake. 29 seconds left in the second period and you score? Absolute dagger. You score a shorty in the last minute? Call an undertaker because by the end of the third the body is going to be rotting. #liveblog maybe not this game though.(written after Mcdavid tied it to go to overtime)

Looks like Drake Caggiula scores on the double deflection and gets his first of the game. It’s funny how that works out Avs lead oilers 3-2. The last goal that got called back against the Avalanche was the Auston Matthews’ goal in Toronto, he then scored directly after it too. A little food for thought. I was really hoping the goal got back because #goavsgo it looks like the goal goes off the glove of Caggiula but whatever.

With the goalie pulled the one and only Connor Mcdavid nets his 17th goal of the season to tie the game with 30 seconds left in the third period. Mcdcvid scores posted up on a sharp angle finding a rebound off the shot of Russel  from the point.

JTTTTTTJJTTJJTT COMPHER OT winner!!! huge steal by Tyson Barrie from Al Montoya, absolutely huge. Second game without MacKinnon and they still manage to get points in both games, unbelievable stuff here from the boys in white tonight.

Did the Avs do it without MacK? yes they did. Even though the Oilers are one of the worst teams in the league this year. The Avalanche found a way to win in OT Mcdavid was gassed after the game and couldn’t do much and the boys took advantage of it. On the real side of this, that is games in a row the Avs blow a late lead for the game to OT. There needs to be a level of composure that comes with the lead going into the third and this is a small sample size but a trend I’m worried about. It bares some resemblance to last year and if your familiar with hockey you understand what last year was like. Some positives from the game, Other than the goals the defense activated well in the offensive zone and got involved in driving the net and creating passing lanes forcing the Oilers defense to stay on their toes.

Ava next game is up in Winnipeg tomorrow. Hopefully the Avs take some time to rest. They are taking on the leader in the Central in what looks like a must win game.

https://streamable.com/e3om9 Couple nice saves for Montoya

https://streamable.com/6sevw Bernier’s whole highlight real is going consist of robbing people on the back door.




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