Jack’s Super Bowl Prediction

Brady vs. Foles

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles meet in Minnesota to decide who will hold the title as the NFL’s best team….

New England is fueled by Tom Brady and his legendary performances. The Pats have found a way to win games no matter the score. From the Falcons in last years Super Bowl 28-3, to this year against Jacksonville in the 4th quarter.

As long as the Pats have Belicheck and Brady, you should never count out New England. The constant clutch performances by Tom Brady just makes it seem like the guy is unstoppable.

The Pats Defense plays well enough to fit Brady’s MO of typical comebacks. But the Pats Defense has molded around Dan Patricia and his smart play calling. At times the Pats D will look like a wet paper towel. But when they learn to stop the game plan of the O, they solidify giving Brady the edge he needs to win the game.

The Eagles will depend on the play of Nick Foles as he leads the heavily talented Eagles against the NFL’s best team/ defending Super Bowl champions.

The Eagles and the Pats matchup perfectly. Both Offenses are great, the Defenses are great.

Whoever’s Defense makes the most crucial stops, will end up winning the game. 3rd down plays, smart decision making, etc..

Either Tom Brady is picked off, or a play is broken up; the Eagles have to find a way to stop Brady from doing what he does best, keeping the Pats alive, and in front.

The Eagles will hang around with the Pats, weather it’s Nick Foles or the Defense; it’ll be close. Or the Eagles could see one of the worst performances from Nick Foles, considering his streak of success. It could be time we see Foles fall apart.

I personally think it’ll be a close game. The Pats have always kept it close in the Super Bowl, eventually winning it. I’d love to see the Vince Lombardi trophy in Philly, but I can’t see Brady letting this one slip considering how hard he has worked to get back to the Super Bowl. The Eagles are the best team to challenge them, and personally if the Eagles had Carson Wentz, I’d take the Eagles in this one. I just see Brady overcoming Foles and figuring out the Eagles in what should be another Super Bowl classic that Pats fans will once again enjoy. In the meanwhile….

I’ll be one step closer to seeing a new QB for the NYJ.

Pats 31 Eagles 28


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