Not much to see here

Saturday the Avalanche took on the Winnipeg Jet’s in Winnipeg. 3-0 Jets

Last night was all Winnipeg and I don’t think anyone was expecting anything less. The Avalanche without their top-end talent can’t really compete with the likes of Dustin Byfuglien, Blake Wheeler, and Patrick Laine. Despite not having Mark Scheiffele, a perennial 70ish point scorer, the Jet’s had this game in the bag before the puck was dropped. The three goals the Jets scored, one being with an empty net came off their top guys sticks. The first…

Patrick Laine’s Goal  His 24th, Laine has been pretty quite for some reason this year, he is doing well in the scoring category but he is not garnering a lot of attention from the media. Like the media the avalanche neglected him leaving his passing lane wide open for the first PPG of the game.

Jack Roslovic 2nd goal of the season comes off the blade of Blake Wheeler and bouncing off Jack Roslovic’s butt and bouncing over Varly for the second goal of the game.

The final goal was scored by Nikolaj Ehlers his 20th of the season on a steal with an open net in our defensive zone.

Last night was Semyon Varlamov’s first game back in between the pipes for the Avs after a brief reprieve due to a groin injury. It looked like he was uncomfortable for most of the game. Pucks were squeezing through areas later to be covered up by Varly or chipped towards the boards by the defense. Varlamov did not have a solid game but he did enough work to probably feel comfortable with his next start. Though no one can blame a goalie in a shutout loss for the game.

I think last night may have shown the Avs why they are not a top tier team. They were bullied and muscled off the puck a ton and without MacKinnon they did not find the back of the net once. MacK changes the whole dynamic of the game with his speed and shot. Not having to respect that makes the game simpler for opposing teams. The Avs can fair well against worse teams when Nate is out of the lineup but taking shots at the top of the league is a different monster.

Hopefully last nights loss galvanizes them for their next game, which is at home, against the Sharks. It is a much needed win after going 2-3-1 over the last six games.

Time to regroup



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