Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII Champs

Down goes Brady. Down goes Belichick. Down goes Gronk. Down goes Kraft. The collusion comments can be stopped and the Philadelphia Eagles have accomplished what every NFL fan excluding Eagles fans thought was impossible.

I’m not sure, but did you have Nick Foles vs Tom Brady in the Super Bowl during week one of the NFL? No. Did you have Nick Foles throwing for 373 yards, three touchdowns, winning Super Bowl MVP and taking down Brady? Absolutely not. The year of the underdog is in full effect and the Eagles are officially crowned Super Bowl champs. The first ring in Eagles organization comes off the hands of Nick Foles. And down goes the city of Philadelphia. Fans may literally be tearing apart the city as we speak…

The story coming out of this game though, that not many reporters and or headlines were talking about was the fact that a guy who was a High School football coach nine years ago, just beat one of the greatest coaches in NFL history. Doug Pederson came to Philadelphia in 2016, posting a 7-9 record, and prior to that, he was the offensive coordinator for Kansas City for three years and before that he was the Eagles offensive coordinator/quarterback coach for four years. But where Pederson’s career started was at the Calvary Baptist High School as the head coach of the football team.

Let’s talk about the game a little bit though, the Patriots held the lead one time this game and it was for a short period of time during the fourth quarter. In which many New England fans thought, that’s the game and the Patriots have the Eagles where they want them. Which I’m sure many Eagles fan thought, after the Eagles scored the game-winning touchdown by Zach Ertz, Brady returned to the field with over 2:00 minutes to play, which was plenty of time for the five-time Super Bowl champ to come from behind to lead a scoring drive. I’m sure many Eagles fans were panicking, palms sweaty, biting their lips when Brady touched the field with 2:00 minutes left, I mean the guy has led five winning drives during the Super Bowl. Expect this time, it turned out a little different for Brady. Leading up to this moment there were zero sacks on either quarterback and with 2:00 minutes to play Brandon Graham came in closed the pocket on Brady and stripped the ball. And right there and then, we all held our breath for two seconds to see if there were any flags on the play, nothing, no penalty called. And the Eagles are Super Bowl LII champs.

The Eagles offense was in full effect last night, Ertz totaled 7 catches for 67 yards, Nelson Agholor had 9 catches for 84 yards, Corey Clement had 4 catches for 100 yards and Alshon Jeffrey had 3 catches for 73 yards. Just between these four guys they totaled, 324 yards and 23 catches. On top of that the Eagles running backs shared the ball a fair amount, LeGarrette Blount had 14 rushes for 90 yards, averaging 6.4 yards per carry. Jay Ajayi had 9 rushes for 57 yards, averaging 6.3 yards. The even more daunting takeaway was that New England’s offense was equally just as good if not better, Brady totaled 505 yards three touchdowns, Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, Rob Gronkowski combined for 23 catches and 396 yards, while James White, Dion Lewis and Rex Burkhead combined for 19 carries and 102 yards. Therefore the takeaway from this game is obvious, the reason the Eagles found themselves successful this game was because they kept up with the Patriots offense and matched every chance they had.

It’s not like both defenses played amazing, they made their stops when they needed too but one big defensive play won this game for the Eagles and unfortunately, the Patriots did not have one big play on defense that allowed them to change the game. Besides the interception that was not Foles fault, even then that was not enough because it was still very early in the game and the interception still pinned the Patriots offense below the 15-yard line. The story of this game though is simple, the Eagles came in, did their job and Doug Pederson did not crumble under pressure, his 3rd down play calling, that goal-line touchdown play call, where Nick Foles went out for a pass and eventual TD catch, Pederson stayed calm, poise and looked unbelievable. When a coach remains confident in his players and remains calm like that in every situation it gives the players confidence and it definitely showed in the Eagles play.

But what can we say the Eagles toppled the Patriots 41-33 and are now Super Bowl LII Champs. All coming without Carson Wentz, Jason Peters, Jordan Hicks the list goes on and on. The Eagles had a laundry list of injuries and somehow, some way pulled out the impossible. Not many people can confidently say they saw the game going this way, a close game, yes, but the Eagles on top, Nick Foles Super Bowl MVP, no.

The City of Philadelphia will be enjoying this one for a long, long time, and if the city is still standing by the time the parade comes then so will the Eagles players will be enjoying their ride down Broad Street, holding the Lombardi Trophy, in front of some of the most dedicated and ruthless fans in sports.

This may be the most civil thing we see out of Philadelphia over the next week or so…



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