You know the Michael Kay “THE YANKEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS WIN” at the end of every big Yankees game, that’s all that continues to ring through my head as I sit down and write about another Rangers lose.

This makes it now three in a row and seven of the last ten the Rangers lost. The sad thing is this was only a 2-1 loss and the Rangers held the lead for almost TWO full periods. The Rangers opened the scoring by none other than David Desharnais(6) assisted by Lettieri and Miller. Side note though David Desharnais has been honestly one of the most consistent players for the Rangers, let’s understand the Rangers brought him to be a fourth liner and bring a solid veteran presence and a fourth line grinder mentality. But the 31-year-old has contributed 23 points this season and is very capable of tallying 40 for the Rangers.

Anyways, sorry for my little Desharnais rant but the Rangers led the first 1-0, but got outshot, wait for it 21-9. They got outshot by 12 shots in the first and yet again Henrik stood on his head. The Rangers took five penalties, but also did not capitalize on three of their own power plays. The Rangers held the lead for 34 minutes, this game but unfortunately Tyler Seguin came in and absolutely tee’d one up to blow it by Lundqvist as the announcer says it best “Tyler Seguin a rolling puck dagger”, in which it indeed was a dagger to the Rangers, tying it up 1-1, ultimately sucking the life out of the group.

The Rangers did come out much better in the third out-shooting the Stars 11-7, but the Rangers lack of discipline and Tony De’Angelo’s two penalties really hurt the Rangers as Martin Hanzal(he’s alive?) scored his 7th of the year on the power play to give the Stars a 2-1 lead and eventually end the game.

It was not a pretty game for the Rangers and as I said yesterday in the pregame they came out slow and got outshot heavily, 34 to 21 in the first two periods. In the game the Rangers got outshot 41 to 32 and Lundqvist would turn away 39 of 41 shots, and still, picked up the loss, although he did receive the first star of the game.

Figure it out Rangers…

I am at a loss for words for this team it is frustrating because obviously, things need to be changed, but they are delaying the inevitable by holding off some trades, just run with the trades and make it known you want to move these guys ASAP. The way the Rangers look right now, a wild card spot is bleak, a top-three finish is not an option so battling for a wild-card spot is their only hope.

As Ranger fans do we even want that though? A wild card spot plays the first seeded team, loss in seven games possibly and not receive a solid first round pick. At this point, I think we all understand the Rangers are not winning the Stanley Cup, or possibly a game this month. The next four look like this for the Rangers, Boston, Calgary, Winnipeg, Minnesota. Yes concerned, can they win at least two of four, yes, will they? Who knows.

I just feel terrible for Lundqvist he has expressed that he wants to stay in New York, whether they are #1 or #31. The guy deserves better and right now he is getting the short end of the stick.



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