NHL Trade Rumors: McDonagh, Nash, Leivo

The trade deadline is 21 days away and some recent news has come out recently on some major teams.

To keep this nice, short and concise here is some of the things we can see happen soon.

So… the Rangers assistant GM was seen scouting the Lighting’s AHL team, why? Well because supposedly the Lighting are willing to take on half of McDonagh’s contract(4.7 mil) if they can work out a trade. The asking price right now for McDonagh is a young NHL player, first-round pick, and prospect. Too high or just about the right price you think? Wherever McDonagh goes he is going to be a top two defenseman and immediately add value to a lineup. On top of being a first-round pick himself and being a top 15 defenseman in the league, I think it is fair to assume the Rangers will nice return for McDonagh if he is moved before the deadline.

Josh Leivo of Toronto requested a trade the other night but today came out and said he wants to stay in Toronto because he wants to be here, but he has not been given a fair chance. Playing just a little over 20 games over the last two years is not enough for Leivo to show his worth he believes. Which is fair. It’s either Toronto finds a spot for him or trades the young forward.

We have found some possible buyers for Rick Nash. Now, Nash came out and gave the Rangers his no-trade list, once they asked for it. It is pretty clear looking at Nash’s age, he wants to go to a team that gives him the best shot of competing for a Stanley Cup. Some possible teams we are looking for Nash are Nashville, Columbus, Dallas, St. Louis, San Jose and Pittsburgh. Keep in mind if it is before the deadline these teams will have to eat his contract, which it is assumed they will. The asking price is not high on Nash, a third, fourth round pick, and maybe a low-level prospect. Eventually, I think we see Nash on the move before this deadline.

Minor news, the Arizona Coyotes have said that Max Domi is available and they will be accepting offers on him, the Lightning has started some trade talks with the Red Wings about Tomas Tartar and Gustav Nyquist. The Flyers are looking for a CHEAP rental, a player that fits the bottom six or defensive defenseman.



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