Reaction to the 2018 Super Bowl

Nick Foles, a Super Bowl hero

Nick Foles and the Eagles captured their first Super Bowl in franchise history. Nick Foles played his heart out, leaving it all on the field throwing for 373 yards and 3 TD’s. He also threw an unlucky INT after Alshon Jefferey tipped it in the air.


The Eagles O’ kept pace with Tom Brady. Brady most of the game seemed unfazed to the Eagles pass rush, throwing all over the Eagles. The Eagles made up for it on offense countering Brady’s blows as well confusing Patricia and his defense.. Doug Pederson and his play calling was out of this world on Sunday. Mixing trick plays, plenty of RPO’s, and having plenty of trust in Nick Foles and his execution. Zach Ertz had a field day which helped the Eagles wrap up the Pats in LII.

It’s all about the critical turnover that turns a game upside down, and it ever so greatly happened to the New England Patriots. The strip sack initiated by Brandon Graham and then recovered by Derek Barnett put the nail in the coffin, sealing the W for Philly.

The Pats Defense was exposed the entire game. Tom Brady did all he could to support the Pats until the very end. The Eagles executed the game plan exceptionally well which prevented that stop the Pats D’ needed to finish the game.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

The Pats offense looked exactly the way it usually has been, unstoppable. If it wasn’t for Brandin Cooks being ruled out, the Pats could have spread the field better as the Eagles accounted for Cooks and his talent and speed. But with Cooks out, Amendola and Hogan had to be relied on more which in the end wasn’t enough.

What usually works for the Pats, fell apart completely.

Matt Patricia couldn’t solve the dynamic running between Jay Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount. Corey Clement made huge plays to also bolster that dynamic RB core. Nick Foles released the ball with ease and quickness over short passes, opening up the Pats D sensitive for the run. Usually the Pats make the correct adjustments after the first half. Teams don’t look the same going against the Pats D because they play so smart, behind great coaching as well from Matt Patricia.

Pats fans never had to worry about their offense as Tom Brady continued to be the GOAT throwing for 505 yards and 3 TD’s. It wasn’t enough to fly with the Eagles. Both Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan contributed as much as they could, both having 125+ receiving yards. Gronk also had over 100 receiving yards, making that 3 different receivers with over 100 yards.

There will be plenty to look forward too as the offseason sets it. Will we see the Eagles or the Pats back next year in the Super bowl? I can see the Eagles, most definitely. Plenty of key pieces are locked up through 2020 and they get Carson Wentz back.

It’s stupid to say the Pats won’t be the same, but new coordinators on both sides of the ball CAN be difficult depending on players relationships with the newly hired coaches. I can see the Pats being elite again next year like they always are. Brady will gain Edelman back with the corps of Cooks and Amendola, and the Pats will look to add pieces to the puzzle that will help Brady. If Gronk does actually retire, that will hurt Brady harshly as Gronk remains Brady’s best Red-zone receiver. If Gronk doesn’t retire, well you can make your best bet.

By benching Malcolm Butler the Pats were exposed throughout the game on defense. Not even Tom Brady throwing for what could be his best game of his career could have helped. Did Malcolm Butler deserve to be benched for his off the field decisions? Yes. But the whole Super Bowl?! Belicheck should know some players respond differently in game situations. Is it fair to say Butler deserved some kind of punishment? Absolutely.

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

But you don’t bench your best CB in the last game of the season the entire game. Butler could have been the Super bowl hero New England needed against Seattle a few years back.

Malcolm Butler could have did awful in the first half and you still had Eric Rowe. It just doesn’t make sense. I hope he finds a team in free agency that can use him the fullest of his talent even with the off the field issues.

It was a great feeling watching the Eagles win their first Super bowl. It was even greater seeing the Pats lose. For any Jet fans, some hope should come from this. Not only did the Pats lose again in the Super bowl, but they were EXPOSED. 41 damn points hung on that defense. Can you see the Pats putting up 33 against that Eagles D without Brady?

I don’t think so. But you are all entitled to your opinions.

Congrats Philly, you deserved it







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