FREE NHL Picks: February 7, 2018

Boston Bruins(32-11-8) vs New York Rangers(25-23-5) 

Oh boy, every NHL fan gets to see the Rangers remarkable play as of late on live TV as the game airs on NBCSN(total sarcasm). I would like to say, an original six rivalry, two teams that have a past and usually records don’t matter, but unfortunately, I cannot. The Bruins have been one of the best teams in the NHL for the past two months or so. They are 8-1-1 in their last ten, currently on a three-game win streak and have lost two games during regulation since December 4. The Bruins have gone TWO months losing two games. A back to back for the Bruins in which Anton Khubdoin will start and maybe this a glimpse towards a Rangers win? The Rangers oddly enough do hold the series 2-0 and this is their final of three meetings for the year. Do the Bruins want to get season series swept by the Rangers, highly unlikely. On Rangers home ice or not, the Rangers have been terrible over the past month, are 3-7-0 in their last ten and are looking like a bubble playoff team right now. I’m going Bruins tonight.

Nashville Predators(32-12-7) vs Toronto Maple Leafs(31-19-5) 

This will be an interesting game, the Predators are still without Filip Forsberg as he serves his 3-game suspension and Toronto has their blueline back and healthy. The Leafs come into this game at 6-2-2 in their last ten coming off a big blowout win vs Anaheim. The Leafs offense is slowly picking things up as they have tallied 17 goals over the last four games. The Predators are coming off a come from behind win vs the Islanders and are 8-1-1 in their last ten. The Leafs are slowly losing traction of hope for that #2 spot in the Atlantic and the Predators are doing all they can to get the #1 spot in the Central. Predators come into this game on a three-game win streak and two points behind Winnipeg for the division lead, I think this is going to be a relatively close game. Both teams are coming off a days rest, no back to backs or travel to worry about. Crucial for both teams to execute on their power play chances and get off to an early start, the team that plays slow in the first and catch up all game will regret it greatly. Tonight I am going, Predators.

Edmonton Oilers(23-24-4) vs Los Angeles Kings(28-19-5) 

The hell with it, I’m choosing Oilers for the sake of going all road teams tonight, Connor McDavid’s four-point night, and Edmonton’s win over Tampa Bay the other night. The Oilers have certainly picked play up here in the second half, going 5-4-0 in their last ten and picking up three wins in their last five games. The concerning part about this team is their ability to keep it consistent and do it night in and night out. They struggle on the offensive side of things with very little defensive depth, the Oilers have the tools to be a solid team but Cam Talbot’s “we will make the playoffs” remark is just pure stupidity. They trail a wild card spot by 13 points. This is the start of their three-game West Coast trip, I can see them winning tonight for sure and dropping the next two. The Kings, on the other hand, are another team that is inconsistent, they found themselves in first at one point, then third, then dropped out, back to third, now out of it. The Kings inconsistency has landed them outside of the wild-card race for now and I think we will see the Kings outside looking in at the end of the season anyway. The Kings are 4-6-0 coming off a blowout win vs Arizona, big deal. The Oilers have been hungry and hot, staying with the road dogs for tonight, go Oilers.


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