Rangers look to put frustrations behind them in home tilt vs Calgary

Ok, the Rangers came out with a press release Thursday afternoon addressing the fans the rebuild, bad. The post-game conferences of Ryan McDonagh, saying that was the worst loss of his career, bad. Henrik Lundqvist, basically repeating himself for the third time in a row now, bad. The Flames have a 15-5-4 road record coming off a road win Thursday night vs New Jersey, bad. The Rangers have lost seven of their last ten, on a four-game losing streak, bad. Calgary on a three-game win streak, bad.

The Rangers waiving Brendon Smith, good. The Rangers calling up and finally playing prospects, good. The Rangers admitting their failures this year and transitioning towards the future and youth, good. The Rangers probably not going to win again tonight, good and bad.

Ok, so things are not going well for the Rangers, and they have been terrible as of late, if you do not keep up with this intellectual and thrill-seeking Rangers coverage, then you should really follow along, starting now. Subscribe, follow, whatever, join along.

The Rangers come into tonight against a team that is second in the Pacific division, playing solid hockey as of late, have Johnny Gaudreau coming off his 69th career multi-point game(nice), Sean Monohan who has totaled, 5 goals and 1 assists over his last four games and a goaltender Mike Smith who did not play last night which means he is fresh. On top of the fact, the Flames have lost on the road one time over the last month of play and have a total of five losses on the road this season. Not great news.

Good news though is that the Rangers have called up Neal Pionk and he will be running him alongside Ryan McDonagh on the first line tonight. Which is good news, because one, the kid is finally seeing some NHL time, two the Rangers are ok with playing their youth a little more to give them some experience and three we may see Vinni Lettieri in the lineup more regularly and guys of that nature this season.

Anyways, if you are the Rangers do you just give Hank a night off and start Ondrej Pavelec, what do you have to lose, Hank has been pulled in three games over the last two weeks and is extremely frustrated, maybe giving the guy a mental and physical break won’t hurt. How many more times can he answer reporters questions without going insane now?

Tonight,  we should not expect to see much out of the Rangers, they should compete and play with some pride but a win is not something we should be expecting tonight. If they do win, great so be it but as Ranger fans, we have to be at that point where ok, we are rebuilding, let’s grab a middle of the pack first-round pick, look towards the future and be ok with not making the playoffs this season.

Yes, the Rangers are still only three points out of a playoff spot, and getting hot at the right time may give this team a chance for the playoffs, but think about what Glen Sather and Jeff Gorton just addressed the team about, the future. A playoff run is not beneficial it does not help this team now or in the future. Be real people. It’s ok if the Rangers go through a two to three rebuild if you are a real fan you accept this if you are a fan that just found about the Rangers cause you moved to New York City last year than as a fan base we are totally ok with losing you.

Starters are unknown right now, expecting Lundqvist to go for the Rangers and Smith for the Flames but we won’t know until about 1:00 p.m. (est) probably. The line up looks about the same as last game just substitute, Poink for Holden and take Smith out, the forward line up is the same and this shall be an interesting game.


New York Rangers

Nash- Zibanejad-Zuccarello







Calgary Flames










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