FREE NHL Picks: February 12, 2018

Tampa Bay Lightning(38-14-3) vs Toronto Maple Leafs(33-19-5)

A battle of two of the top teams in the Atlantic, Lightning vs Leafs, Matthews vs Kucherov, two high powered offenses. Kucherov leads the league with 69 points, also up there in the league for goals(29), Matthews leads the team with 44 points and 26 goals, this will be either a high scoring game or low scoring based on both tenders playing well. This is a tough one because Toronto has been hot as of late, winning eight of their last ten and on a three-game win streak but Tampa Bay has also been playing much better after their sort of skid, I guess you can call it. Tampa has won seven of their last ten games and on a two-game win streak. A tough one and really only game to make note of tonight. Lighting on the road has been just as good as Toronto at home with a 19-9-2 road record, and Toronto at home has been solid lately winning their last four home games and post a 17-8-2 home record. Tampa Bay and Toronto’s road/home records are very similar, perhaps we can see a road win for Tampa Bay, very possible. But for some reason, I have to run with Toronto, this is a big game for the team looking to make a deeper playoff run this year, each game counts at this point and a win tonight gives this Toronto team a confidence booster. Going Toronto.

Florida Panthers(23-23-6) vs Edmonton Oilers(23-27-4)

The Oilers are coming into this game now losing their last three and I think it’s fair to say that they have zero playoff hopes and should probably start getting a good idea of who they will be drafting soon. The Panthers a similar team, out of a playoff spot, a .500 record and rolling with a hot goaltender right now. The Panthers are a solid team, underperforming for sure and overall a team that has been inconsistent and has lacked depth scoring just like the Oilers. Panthers have a 5-5-0 record in their last ten and are coming into this game off a loss vs Los Angeles. Another road game for the Panthers as they post a 10-14-3 road record, but Edmonton posts a 12-13-2 home record. Not a game you put the house on tonight, a rather dull game between two teams that are not playing for much besides pride at this point. Tonight I am going to Edmonton though.

Chicago Blackhawks(24-23-8) vs Arizona Coyotes(13-32-10) 

The Coyotes although they barely have ten wins, they have been playing much better as of late, their record may indicate a 3-4-3 record, they have lost a lot of games in overtime or a shootout and have kept most games very close with some solid teams. The Coyotes do play against former teammate Anthony Duclair, who basically gave up on the team to go to a team he thought was going to be much better. I think the Coyotes come out much better tonight, they play with a little edge against former teammate and also Nikkoli Hjmarrlsson plays against his former team as well, this will be an important night for both Duclair and Hjmarlsson. The Blackhawks currently come into this game on a three-game losing strek and also a record of 2-6-2 in their last ten with a 12-11-5 raod record. Another dull game between two teams that have nothing to play but pride. I’m going Blackhawks tonight though.



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