Latest Rangers new after back to back wins. Still rebuilding people.

The Rangers picked up back to back wins in what felt like the first time in 300 days, but the wins did not come against no slump teams either people, which really does concern me, because this team is playing with a grocery list of AHL players, a banged up offense and a ton of trade rumors circulating their head. Did the Rangers throw in the towel too early? Absolutely not, still in full rebuild mode.

The Rangers are now coming off two wins, one against Winnipeg, and one against Calgary, two playoff teams and two teams that are solid in the Western Conference. This leaves Ranger fans uneasy probably because we know how much they are capable of but they still struggle in so many areas. I would not get too high on the horse here after two Ranger wins because in the next few days or week we will see Ryan McDonagh moved, Rick Nash moved, Michael Grabner moved. These three I think we can expect to be moved for sure.

It came out that Ryan McDonagh apparently, don’t kill me if I’m wrong on this but it is said that he supposedly sold his apartment in New York. Has been held out of play the last two contests for what? An upper-body injury? Not too sure, maybe because the Rangers know they will be moving him soon. He’s played with an upper-body injury all year, so hold him at this time leaves some skeptical. Also, the Rangers have come out and said they will eat half of McDonagh and Nash’s contracts if need be. Which makes it even more of a reason they will be moved soon. The Rangers have this thing where they for some reason love to trade their captains.

Anyways, two landing spots for sure are Boston and Tampa Bay for McDonagh, a lot of news has circulated around these two teams as being favorites for McDonagh, and they both have a pool of prospects to get it done. Two heavy favorites for Nash is Dallas and St. Louis, I see Dallas for sure, slot Nash with Jason Spezza and you have a solid scoring line there. Mix it up on the power play two as well, plus the Rangers eat half of Nash’s contract, an easy landing spot for Nash.

Other news/topics I’d like to get into is how the Rangers bring up prospects like John Gilmour and Neil Poink, and win two games. It just goes to show when you have a young, fast, skilled team that want to make a statement out there playing to show their worth, how good a team can be. We look at Toronto, Vegas, Boston, New Jersey, some cases the Islanders, they bring up these young guys, rely on their two to three more veteran sense players to get the job done and then let the rookies/young guys run free, play their game and do a hell of a good job at it.

That’s all I have for today the Rangers travel to Minnesota Tuesday night and the other week I sent out a poll on Twitter, if the Rangers will win a game this month, with three choices, yes, no or max three. The 26 people that voted, had some faith in the Rangers, some had none and some had some. Check it out below. But they have already won two and have eight more games to play this month.

New York Rangers news
New York Rangers poll

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