Los Canadiens Game 56

Hopefully we are back in the driver’s seat tonight!

This evening in Denver, we have the Montreal Canadiens taking on your Colorado Avalanche! Big time tilt again. At this point in the season every single game is so important. Middle of the pack teams are jockeying for playoff spots. Thats what we have here tonight, thats what we have earned here tonight, talking big games here people.

The Montreal Canadiens, despite having beaten the Avalanche in their last meeting have been struggling all season long. Through 55 games they have amassed only 51 points and sit 26th in the overall league standings. The Canadiens are a weird team. For the passed couple years they have been floating at the bottom of the league. They are weird because the key components of their team have not changed much from when they were one of the top teams in the league only two years ago (2015-2016). If you go back and look at the last five years they alternate from being one of the best and one of the worst teams. Even last year they won the Atlantic Division,but this year they can’t seem to get it together, with no huge changes being made. Typically you see teams trend in one direction at a time, you don’t usually see seismographic trending.


I think the Canadiens have the tools to be one of the best teams in the league and where they are in the standings is very confusing. I don’t know where they go wrong every other year but tonight we should maybe find something out. This game is going to be a crap shoot. Neither team is playing consistently enough to make an educated guess on the outcome.

I feel like the Avs are playing out of trend at a 4-5-1 record in their last ten. The Candiens are playing true to their record also at 4-5-1 in their last ten. I am expecting a high scoring affair in Denver tonight. The Avalanche tend to score a lot at home but we will see with Price in net.

Canadiens will be without Weber, Shaw, and Danault tonight, virtually the same roster they had when the Avalanche played them last-time.

Gabriel Bourque wearing an A, if their is anyone on this team that deserves it for his play it’s Bourque. I have mentioned many times on here that he is my favorite person who got called up this year and I hope he stays for the foreseeable future. Another one of my favorite call-ups is coming up from San-Antonio. That’s Rocco Grimaldi ladies and gentlemen. The little speedster is due for a goal at the NHL level and I’m expecting one tonight.

Big news yesterday was that Nathan MacKinnon was on ice for practice in a “non-contact” jersey so things are going to being trending up for the Avs coming soon, hopefully.

Varly is in between the pipes!

Avs W 5-2




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