NHL Power Rankings: UPDATED, Leafs emerge, Bruins atop, Penguins in the mix

The last ranking article was January 25, 2018, therefore we are about 17 days indifference, usually like to take about two weeks or so in between ranking periods to let some teams gain some traction, get some streaks going and let the boys play before I make judgments. Well, anyways here is the new NHL power rankings, February or updated version per say.

First here the old NHL Power Rankings…

  1. Vegas Golden Knights (even)
  2. Boston Bruins(+1) 
  3. Winnipeg Jets (+2) 
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning (-2) 
  5. Washington Capitals (-1)
  6. Nashville Predators 
  7. Colorado Avalanche (+3) 
  8. Dallas Stars (+1) 
  9. Calgary Flames (new)
  10. San Jose Sharks (new) 

Here is the new UPDATED rankings as of Feb. 14, 2018. 

  1. Boston Bruins(+1) 
  2. Vegas Golden Knights(-1)
  3. Nashville Predators(+3)
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning(even) 
  5. Winnipeg Jets(-2) 
  6. Toronto Maple Leafs(NEW)
  7. Dallas Stars(+1)
  8. Pittsburgh Penguins(NEW)
  9. Washington Capitals(-4) 
  10. Minnesota Wild(NEW)

Bruins legitimately look like they may take over the Atlantic and jump the Lighting right now, they have lost what like three games in regulation over the last two months. Vegas I am keeping at two only because, they have been within the top five now all year and it is still a shock to me. The fact this inaugural season team can perform like this now for 56 games deserves a #2 spot, I don’t care if they are 6-4-0 in their last ten. The Predators are storming right now, making a serious push for Rick Nash may help this Stanley Cup contending team a lot on the front end. The Predators have all the pieces to get it done and they will be within the top five all year. The Leafs emerge because of their recent 10 game stretch winning 8 of their last ten and scoring at will now. The play of their youth is finally picking up and Frederick Anderson is the most underrated goalie right now. The Penguins emerge well we all know why. Don’t expect this team to drop either they will only continue to climb the NHL standings. The Wild emerge as well because they have been pretty consistent over the last couple of weeks and seemed to have gained a little traction in the playoff race, another win Tuesday night and now picking up 15 points of a possible 20 points is worthy of a top ten spot.

Report back in two weeks, and by that time it will be March and a month of play will be in store and basically, the final push will be here until we see some playoff hockey. Playoff hockey is what, 2 months away. Keep your panties on people, this is going to be an exciting playoff season I feel it.


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