Seattle Ownership files application for NHL expansion

WE’RE BACK with some Seattle, NHL news. As you may know, maybe not know because you are a lump on a log or just don’t follow NHL headlines that don’t pertain to top scorers. The NHL filed a 500 million dollar renovation in December which got approved and now the application for an NHL franchise in Seattle received approval by the Seattle team. Which means, were waiting for one major step. Which just occurred Tuesday afternoon. Seattle ownership approved the application are in the midst of filing their own application and a $10 million downpayment for an NHL expansion franchise.

What this means, well I will be completely honest, I have no f*cking clue. Being that I am not a business of sports major or expert, my expertise lacks favorably on this side of sports. Anyways, from my understanding what I am reading online is that the NHL now reviews Seattle’s application before it gets sent to the Board of Governors. Well, that’s really the next step, no joke, that’s all I read, then a bunch of malarkey.

But anyways, this is a small but major step in the process of landing the 32nd NHL franchise. There were rumors about bringing hockey back to Quebec City and possibly Houston but with this news of Seattle, all talks have halted on that side. Also, the NHL could change locations of the Calgary Flames or Arizona Coyotes due to arena struggles.

Right now, though we have the Seattle team approving a $500 million renovation on Key Arena, possible partners, 13 possible names and now the Seattle group has filed its application for the NHL’s review.

This is my best stab at trying to sound somewhat business(y) in sports, but I am not the best, I’ll deliver the facts for this time around, but please don’t expect me to do this again. I’d rather sit on air with Stephen A Smith and talk basketball than write an article of this nature.

Keep me in the picks writing, preview, recap, trade rumors, NHL team/player news side and I’m golden like Benny Rodriguez in the Sandlot.

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