FREE NHL Picks: February 19, 2018

Minnesota Wild(31-20-7) vs New York Islanders(29-25-6)

This is a 1:00 p.m. (est) start time, President’s Day, kids got off from school so the NHL slates some early afternoon games. A good one too, the Wild are a playoff contending team as the Islanders are also battling for a playoff spot. Two teams that come from opposing conferences and rarely meet, the Wild have been a solid group all season, but with how competitive the West has been this season they lay only a point ahead of Calgary and two ahead of L.A. for the last wild-card spot. The Wild are 5-3-2 in their last ten and 11-15-1 on the road season, luckily the Islanders get this team on the road where they struggle. The Islanders have not secured themselves a playoff spot but winning their last two games, as Carolina has lost their last two has given the Islanders the edge for the final wild-card spot but still only lead by one point. The Islanders are 4-5-1 in their last ten with a 16-10-4 home record. They do not play amazing at home but, with the way the season is going right now, they may want to start securing home victories more often. The Islanders Jordan Eberle came out the other day and said: “we are in that mentality where we’re playing every game like its the last”. The Islanders have the group to get it done, see some solid goaltending for a short stretch this team gets in. Going¬†Islanders today.

Boston Bruins(35-13-8) vs Calgary Flames(30-21-8)

The Bruins have been the most consistent team this season, well over the last several months, if I had to take a very educated stab at this, I believe they have lost only three games over the last two months during regulation. The Bruins we all know are going to be here for the remainder of the regular season and probably a deep playoff run and as much as people want to say Tampa Bay has the East locked up, watch out for the Bruins when they get someone at the deadline. The Flames though have a solid mix, have been underperforming as of late dropping five of their last ten, and if their poor play as of late does not help one believe this Bruins team has it in the bag tonight, the Flames have possibly the worst home record in hockey for a playoff team, as they are 13-14-3. The Bruin, on the other hand,d are 7-3-0 in their last ten with a 16-6-4 away record. Flames struggle at home, Boston is the top team in the league, going B’s on the road. (4:00 p.m. (est) over on NHL Network too).

Los Angeles Kings(31-22-5) vs Chicago Blackhawks(25-26-8)

Hockey is literally on all day and all games on TV are great games, Islanders vs Wild, Bruins vs Flames and to top the night Kings vs Blackhawks. Although the Blackhawks have been terrible as of late, this is a “rival” matchup in a sense, two Western Conference teams we a bit of a past, meet tonight and the Kings need to get over this inconsistent play and start stringing together some wins. The Kings are two points out of a playoff spot and are 6-4-0 in their last ten, despite some mediocre play, the Kings head to¬†Chicago against a team that has STRUGGLED immensely. The Hawks are 2-7-1 in their last ten and for a team that has been up there in attendance for home games for several years now, posts a 13-13-3 record at home. The Kings are a decent road team with a 17-13-2 record, and I see them coming out of this game with a win. Won’t be a blowout, won’t be pretty but two is two in this league right now. Going, Kings.

Anaheim Ducks(29-20-11) vs Vegas Golden Knights(39-15-4)

The Golden Knights have stayed at the one spot in the Pacific for nearly two months now and it does not look like anything is changing. They lead the Sharks by 10 points with a game in hand, the Golden Knights have been a story, to say the least this season. With this momentum they have, we can expect them to run with it all the way into the playoffs. Vegas is 7-3-0 in their last ten with a 22-4-2 home record this season. The Ducks though are a scary team, they have a ton of depth up and down the lineup, if they didn’t battle injuries all season they would easily be a guaranteed playoff team. They are stringing together some wins recently but they need to go on a streak soon, despite being in the three spot in the Pacific they only lead Calgary by one point, they are on a two-game win streak and post a 5-3-2 record in their last ten. The Ducks are ending their four-game road trip to Vegas the toughest of their four opponents. They have taken two on the road so far but I don’t think this one comes out as a win. Luckily, I see Calgary losing tonight so good news for the Ducks. Going Vegas tonight.


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